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Today I'm going to stop loving you.
You are hard to love, but loving you is not hard.
I love the scent of your skin as I lay next to you in bed,
And the way your laughter curls at the ends of your lips,
Then erupts across your face.
I love you even when you don't love yourself.
But my love for you makes me weak.
When your sharp words are filled with anger and wrapped in bitterness,
They pierce through my heart,
I clutch my chest as the air leaves my lungs.
The pain crashes over me in continuous waves,
And I'm trying to keep my head above the water,
But the tears from my eyes are flowing like open flood gates.
And I can no longer see where I'm going, so I collapse,
Into a puddle, still gasping for air.
Work in progress...

I lit a fire once
spent hours feeding it
fanning the flames,
stoking the embers
just so I could watch it burn
until I got bored
and decided
to watch it die
she gave me warmth, comfort, and love and in the end, I didn't even give her enough to keep going
Enveloped tightly in a space
that once provided enough
but never promised a lifetime.
She twists and unfurls
beneath its surface,
ignorant of even her own colors,
her shape, her scent, her purpose.
And when she breaks open,
it is not without fear of wilting.
It is not without fateful wonder.
Still, she blooms,
catching the sun
just as the universe intended.
© Bitsy Sanders, November 2016

You, with words of beauty,
speak in softer tones
where volume is not required
because vibrations
bring to light the meaning

Even if remaining quiet
calms the fears
drifting along your heart

Feelings still shout
in actions shown,
leaving only words unsaid
to speak the true meaning
of the silence
i played
with the fire
that burned in his

submerged myself
into their

let it consume
what it could, because
i'd rather turn to
ash before
they cease to look
at me
**& now that they
have ceased....
ash I'll be,
ash I'll be
he made seconds stretch into
and then left me there to gather
the dust

he was gone like a time traveler
into another world that
hid behind the stars,
while i collected my small
infinity still filled with moments of

tell me what i did to deserve such a
heartless torture?

how it is even humanly possible
for someone to
touch your world just once,
and taint the rest of your
life with their color?
i had loved
only loved.
and that is my greatest
also old :P
the ocean whispers
his name in waves
i have never understood.

but one night, it spoke
in such a language
that it shook me to
the very core.

and i knew it then
that it calls for you
because i felt the same
crashing war of emotion awaken
when i first met

Yup, you guessed it, this one is
an old one too. :P
sometimes you will
feel more than the rest will
ever feel

sometimes you'll perceive
the lightest of words as the heaviest
ever said

and you will constantly be looking
for the best within others

and even when they push
you away, you
will run after them

this is your tragedy

because the world
cannot think so deeply
as you do

this is your tragedy

sometimes words do not have a depth
at all  and you'll  just
sink to the bottom
of a great big Nothing

this your tragedy because
some people will never change

because you are a
glistening star and they are afraid
of burning

this is your tragedy
because you heart is so big
and your hands, too small to catch every
tear that falls
got the line "This is your tragedy"
from a quote by Daniel Saint. Also, his quote
inspired my poem.
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