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living in a dark spiral dream
yet its not a dream just harh reality
how do I lose my self my love and ambition
caring from the depths within
loving with my everything
but yet being treated like I am recycling
I scream unique but they didnt listen
If I could I would leave
more than just a poem this is real
this is me how could you let me bleed
no not  physically but mentally
my heart is gone and so are you what
do I do when my heart is blue
black and blue my mind
races for you, im just venting!!!!
you use me and abuse me how dare you
you hurt me dont care about me how dare you
you love me caress me how dare you
how dare you how dare you
you lie to me you say you'd die for me how dare you
you drink you  curse how dare you
you say you love me but dont love me how dare you
I love you i hate you how dare me.
leave me alone let me breath how dare you
you want to be free so be free how dare you.
dont come back to me im done how dare you
let me live let me strive how dare you.
you wanna marry me but dont care for me how dare you.
not done at all just venting
Stop that *****
don't make him do it,
the yells and screams
stop that *****
my heart hurts
I'm filled with pain
stop that *****
leave us alone,
we want to be happy
stop that *****
he's so sweet
nice and gentle
stop that *****
I'm tired and scared.
stop that *****.

— The End —