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Bani Marathe Jan 2017
How is it possible?
Can emotions last this long?
It's been ages we've heard from each other
Still the bond is so strong so beautiful
Feels like it was yesterday...
And sixteen years of life has passed.

Never experienced life this strange
Dreams that looked weird and far away
Have now taken a new beginning....

Eyes are filled with sweet memories
Bringing back moments of serenity.
Emotions so deep binding us together with absolute divinity.

Our lives are contrast and censorious
Separated in time yet bonded together.
Love has no bounds...
I live in him, he lives in me
With vows unbreakable
Till the last breath we take.....
Bani Marathe Jan 2017
It happens..

When everything feels just right
The aura around you shining so bright

Concedes to you everything you lack
Allowing nothing to hold you back

Ends all pointless confusions
Banishing all inhibitions

Let's you be so sure in life
Like you never did before

Yes it happens..

Hold on to your faith
Just a little more

It might take a while but
It will find you for sure

It will blend your life
With lightness and satiety
Making you a part of serendipity

Love happens..!!
Bani Marathe Jan 2017
Unforgettable! That's what you are
Diving deep into my thoughts all the more..
Never meant to complicate your life
Always wanted to be by your side
But Alas! My heart is so weak and so tempted.

Lived every moment spent with you
Loved every dream I dreamt when not with you
Wanted to share every secret with you but
Never thought of falling in love with you.

What is it that exists between us so strong
Pulls me in closer everytime I try to breakfree
Feeling so helpless trying to hold my emotions
Failing miserably but still not giving up.

It wasn't your fault, may be a bit mine
But I am glad and hold no regrets
You gave me the best time of my life.
Unforgettable... yes indeed it is!!
Bani Marathe Jan 2017
​Standing alone in the land of frozen dreams
She awaits him in all extremes
Unknown enough yet she entrusts her life with him
Unconditional is her love and strange as it seems

He gleams through the darkness as she devours
Her soul rejoices with beauty so rife
She rests herself on the bed of flowers
And feels the soft touch of colours in her life

Their eyes talk building dreams monumental
Expressing thoughts deeper than love
In every glance..He paints her eyes
with varied shades of hidden emotion
Glorifying her beauty to a new dimension

There is something that keeps them separate
There is something that ties them together
It will always remain an unsolved mystery
In the lines and verses of her silent poetry
Bani Marathe Jan 2017
​He says love me simple with
Love that is less complicated.
It is not that I don't want to
But all I am asking is to trust me some more.
Stranger than fiction I wait at a distance
It has all changed just in an instance.

Why it has to be so cruel everytime
Now that I don't expect him to love me anymore
May be it was never unconditional as I thought
But I will still rejoice every moment we were close.
I wish one day he gets to know
I love him enough to let him go and not regret
The time he gave me
I will still love him though...
Bani Marathe Jan 2017
​Everyday..every moment..every second that I breathe
I feel your breath come alive in me
Being with you makes my journey complete
You are the sweetest part of my journey
Without which I am no more me

When I love u
It is so untrue
Am I dreaming or...
Someone has really painted me blue.
Reflections from past are binding us
In a bond stronger than life.
You love me deep with all your heart
And give me emotions I was stranger to.
I am living a dream larger than life
Craving for you more and more each day.
You have become my need, my fantasy.
How to let go of you....
When it feels like home with you!!!

— The End —