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Axiomighty Apr 2013
There is a candle burning in the dead of night
Shining brighter than any other light
The smell of wild fills the air
Leaving the towns people without a care
A starry night fills the woods around
Leaving nothing but quiet for this town
A cabin of wood sits on a hill
Leaving everything and everyone standing still
The town peaceful, but full of secrets
That only the residents could truly see it
The visitors that came by, could never believe
How such a small town can be so full of grief
What's there to cry about in a peaceful town?
A place with no laws or rules that bound
When voyagers enter, they feel at home
They do not know what is a stake in modern Rome
The people so stagnant stare on with blank faces
Waiting for the visitors to feel their silent graces
The people of this town have seen so many bleed
So many vanished to the works of creed
And in every citizen is a little guilt
For the evil motives on which the town was built
For when a group of tourists stay in the cabin on the hill to sleep
They do not know that tourists is that on which the towns people
Written in my creative expression club by myself, and two other poets during a writing activity.
Axiomighty Apr 2013
What do I write now
After everything before and before everything ahead
All the places I'd rather be than bed
All the lives I'd rather have lived instead
Most people don't admit regret
But everyone has some regrets
Looking back
I regret every minute since I've left childhood
I wish I held on a little bit longer
Just a few more years of fear being the monsters in the basement
Just a few more months of saving the world from aliens and zombies on a daily basis from my backyard
Just a few more weeks of  being brave enough to confront someone threatening to stab me, without hesitation
Just a few more days of knocking on doors and running away
Just a few more hours of feeling absolutely badass for staying up all night
Just a few more minutes of being able to have a girlfriend and not talking to her at all, mostly because you're too nervous
One more moment of feeling invincible
Feeling okay
Going to bed with a smile on my face
Instead of a frown under my mask
But time, time catches up
The clock goes on, and at some point
I wook up, to a much smaller world
A depressing world
Where crying everynight became pointless
Where the pencil pressed so heavily on the paper it became pointless
As I tried to write my way back into adolescence
Where the only kid I knew that flied to never ever land was Peter Pan
Not my friend on LSD who never wanted to grow up
Who could blame him
The closest I come to back when friends were forever and crush referred the cute girl in class and not crushing up grass
The closest I come
Is now...
As I open thy boundaries of my mind to limitless displays
With this wordplay, an aresenal of dictionary words, ****, **** n' all
I may not be bliss with all I've seen
But atleast these sentences have no hierarchy
Through these lines
I            am           free
Axiomighty Apr 2013
I know happiness is the ultimate goal
I know our potential to matter is limitless
I know the universe is infinite
I know that we're never the person we were a fraction of time ago
The fact is the only thing that is what we are, is our memories
Our memories help us choose a future
Our memories help us to reminisce
Our memories remind us of what we planned to do and didn't
They remind us if what we planned to do and did, and did so thoroughly we're proud like ants who take down scorpions
We may work better together but hey
Look at what I just did alone
Because its alone that we find out what were made of
It's as an individual we find out
we will make it
Sometimes I wonder how far I'll make it
But my past is always there to remind me, that everything I stack falls down
Everything I lack, might never come around
But thats okay, I'm not going in circles anymore
Sometimes I hear the wind say owe
As it hits the window
And I open up to see what's wrong
I soon find out it's trying to find out how to runaway from the sun
And I say, if you can't take the heat get out of the sky
And then it swoops back to me and whispers
I try
My past is always here to remind me
Everytime I slack, I get more down
And everytime my hope is hit by apathy's flak, my persona continues to crack, and revealed is a bigger frown
Tonight I lay on my *******
Wondering if my life will ever be on track
And if I even want it to
My past is always here to remind me
That my battles bring hope back around
That my good knights bring doubt to the ground
That these vessels of words forge royal sounds
That hard ships sculpt crowns
Axiomighty Apr 2013
You are like the itch in my throat
You are a nuisance I could do without
So I swallow some lyrical pills and kick you out
But you are doubt
And it doesnt matter that I'm the illest
I am so sick no anecdote could **** this
No sugar coating can hide bad business
I'm feelin like a train derailment, my lives so off track
Might as will hit the cupboards and pack
Leave tonight and leave for better or for dead
Is life worth living, just to pay off debt?

But if I leave I will still be trapped in my head
Funny how all these epiphanies are tapped into in bed
Where if I was sleep instead
Maybe I'd have a future not encompassing a floor that's wet and red
If my compass was working I'd already be found
Yet now I lay in the void of avoidance
Wishing not a thing in the world could exploit the simplicity of being thoughtless
Then I remember I am in the wilderness
And I may be found as a skeleton
So I make a fake parachute over the next three months
I climb a tall tree
And spread the fabric out on top
Hook myself up
And then lean over a branch into the air
And when the rope meets its full length
I loose all strength
But noone will ever have to know that I never flew
And felt the high skies breeze
That I was always so low
Noone but me
And what hangs is a dismantled ego
But not my body! Not my mind
For I stand at the bottom of the tree looking up
And you would think you won the battle
But I've come to realize there is no up and down in the Universe
Theres just a line, either bouncy, or straight or curved
And since forward is the only place to go, I unfold these verses out of the crevices of my brain
So I have something more than my negativity to leave behind
And thus lays a trail of bones from the creativity I caught and ate alive
And now I can be at another level of life, because I can travel through time
And go back, pick up old poems and make them dance to new vibes
Then be so **** glad I decided not to cut my rope short, so glad I stopped drowning sorrow with a quart
So glad I didn't give up on love
And then realize how great it feels to realize theres no such thing as above
All that ever really mattered was just now
Just us
I've always deserved freedom
And now
I've found justice
Some people reside in conformed buildings
Birds fly south
Bears hibernate
But when the cold comes
I let my poems slip out my mouth
For these sentences are wild
But these syllables are my warmth
These words are my home
And so, I will never be alone
Axiomighty Jan 2013
Deranged words
Will never make my heart sing
If never heard
By those who make life worth living

I split my confidence in to thirds
Then decide I better dispose of everything

My ego might bring me higher than expected
Yet inevitable failure keeps me from spreading my wings

For I have to act like I don't catch "your drift"
To stay away from lethal heights

Though through my memories I do sift
Seeking for a large enough weight

To keep me from taking lift
Thus in the beat to my life, there will always be a rift

I have no justification for prolonging the process of accepting my fate
Though who would want to see themselves alone

So instead, I rant through my souls gate
Leaving in my footsteps
A sad excuse for a poem

The only thing left unknown
Will those tracks lead to a body,
Or abruptly, disappear?
Axiomighty Jan 2013
Silly, silly tree they say.
Tree grow, tree tall, branches flow, branches fall, wind blows, wind sprawls.
Tree cries, tree bawls, branches fly, wind enthralled, tree leans, tree sways, waiting to snap, atmosphere hectic, chaotic, structure and order eroding.
Soon the tree will cease to reach beyond the horizon.
Yet onlookers look on, all they see is a stubborn tree that can never be broken.
But they can't see wind.
Axiomighty Jan 2013
Thinking of a metaphor
to explain everything that is happening to me is closer to impossible than anything I've ever tried before
But I have to try
Before my sanity leaks out a little more
My ears strain themselves as if bothered by a bizarrely loud screech
Yet all I can hear is the rain hitting the back padio
Reminding me of the rain begging to pour out of my core
It must be the cries of my heart causing my ears pain, as it pounds ribs waiting for the door of my mouth to open for a chance to speak
About the things that once acted their way through my souls opening
And in the meantime I must dig deeper than magma to find a temperature I can feel
With so much to say, but so little time
I will get the rest out in these next few lines
I hate that I hate every hateful breath I inhale
But I solemnly love that I am willing to live for the dieing in which I can overwhelming satisfied exhale
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