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7.1k · Jul 2010
The Bumblebee
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
The song birds call to me
To go and catch the bumblebee.
For she is loving,
She is kind,
She is the one who speaks her mind.
She is funny,
She is smart,
She sees life through her heart.
The bumblebee has no need to act cool,
Because her beauty and heart make me her fool
© Awkward Moments 07/28/10
3.5k · Jul 2010
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
Building up the strength within
In order to do whats right.
Not thinking of the consequences
To sculpt a better life.
Walk up to her and proudly tell
The way she makes you feel.
Waiting for the answer will be the hardest part
But it will set you free and let you make a new start.
If the answer is goo its a joyful day
Where no one can conceal your happiness.
But if its bad you can always say
I had the courage to admit my it.
© Awkward Moments 07/29/10
3.2k · Sep 2010
Caught in the Middle
Awkward Moments Sep 2010
A single pebble
A blad of grass.
Easy life,
But alas.

A battle feild
Is were I lay.
A place of beauty,
Gone astray.

No one ever stops to think
Of wars effect on everything.
The chaos and blood,
That it may bring.

But I do not have a say
On what happens now.
For i am only a pebble,
And I dont know how.
© Awkward Moments 09/20/10
3.2k · Jul 2010
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
Devils fingers creeping in
Warping my common sense
Making me do fiendish things
Ruining my previous life.
Holy light drives away the creeping fingers
It heals the damage done to my soul
Putting me back on the right path
Guiding me forever.
© Awkward Moments 07/29/10
3.1k · Jul 2010
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
Longingly I search for you
To see your joyful smile
To feel the warmth of your embrace
And just to talk awhile.
Longingly I search for you
Turning every stone
Looking into every crevice
Just to bring you home.
© Awkward Moments 07/29/10
2.7k · Jul 2010
Moonlight Dream
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
The moon is shining cold and bright
The stream reflecting all its light.
Just lying here you and I
Gazing up into the sky.
My heart is beating fierce and fast
Hope this moment will always last.
Desperately craving a single kiss
But unable to interrupt the bliss.
We lie together until the dawn,
Til' life beckons us to carry on.
But that shall only be the start
Of loves connection in my heart.
Special thanks to Leslie Moorly/James Robert, and to Jacqueline Brehmer Marshall, both of whom helped me to make this poem better.
© Awkward Moments 07/30/10
2.7k · Jul 2010
Tale of Twilight
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
Fleeting sun
Rising moon
Desperate to be with you.
Now your gone
Without a trace
Forever in a lonely place
© Awkward Moments 07/28/10
2.2k · Jul 2010
Awkward Moments Jul 2010
Fire burning in my heart
Being mad is just the start.
Loathing you will soon begin
There will be no coming back in.
My friendship is now locked away
Very much to your dismay.
I gave you one chance to many
for someone like you that is plenty.
My soul is shattered
Not that you would think it mattered.
One more glance in your direction
That is the end of my affection.
This poem is not about the girl The Bumblebee or in Tale of Twilight.
© Awkward Moments 07/28/10

— The End —