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Audrey Feb 2017
Emptiness, dark room, twelve o'clock, somewhere in space.

Shallow thoughts of trivial travesties
pace through tired tracks, never ceasing;
swollen feet aching for relief;
they run wild
until their toes bleed through their white linen socks
and their faces yield blurred spectacles of anguish.

Hairline fracture of the skull,
oozing dark wishes and sick devotions,
so afraid
that anyone and anything might remind you
of your little demon children
starving at the supper table,
calling for mama as they
sluggishly move their frail little bodies
in wretched formations.

The salt of their tears is
your seed to silently sow;
all you need to know.

To live and forget who you are all at once;
it's nice to sometimes escape fast,
we hardly have a say in these things, you know.
Audrey Nov 2016
It's the week's end and
I have no place to be,

but believe me,
I'm far from free.

Hollow black fills my brain
in anticipation of dark solitude,

you will do this to yourself
again and again.

It's the week's end and
I have no one to see,
just my thoughts and me

in this little room
going nowhere in particular.

Working together in aimless desperation,
seeking order in the chaos,

turning up empty-handed
Audrey Nov 2016
Well you should be grading your exam today
so you know what I did wrong
and you don't have a problem
you can get it together
and I have no way of you going up with me
you know what you did
too well I thought
I had too many things I didn't do
Audrey Nov 2016
Death of a man
is the only person I know
that is happening here
and he has to come to you
and he has a lot more to do
and you just don't say no one is good
Audrey Nov 2016
Too bad it's a pretty cool game
but I can't play
with my friends
and I can't play
with my new friends
and I'm so sorry to say
that it was a pretty cool game.
Audrey Nov 2016
My mom just wanted to say hi
and she said
I was really happy to be a good man.
Audrey Nov 2016
I never thought
you would be able

Too many people would love you
too many times
before I got to see it again

I hope you're okay
you love me
you do love me so sweet
and I hope you're happy all day.
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