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abe Jan 2019
you are enough.
and always will be.
abe Jan 2019
i think i'm a bit sad.
and that's okay.
abe Jan 2019
i like to keep my window open at night
so i can hear the train roll slowly by
i hope it takes me somewhere
far far away from here
as i drift off to sleep
and dream of
you yet

abe Jan 2019
so here's the thing
today i am growing and
changing and transforming
and nothing you say or do can stop me.
abe Oct 2018
for better or worse,
your mother will call you.
back from the cliffs
and sticky blackberry picking adventures
and finding silly shapes in the clouds.
your mother will call you
when you’re off to college,
to busy to pick up and
she just wants to tell you she loves you.
one day, her soothing voice
won’t always be there.
always tell the people you love you love them, you never know when it's too late.
abe Aug 2018
i think i need to be the ******* the train for a little while.
i've got some things i need to figure out on my own.
things that can only be sorted by the passing scenery of a big city or the green of a countryside.
and things that i can't think about when others who know me so well and can tell just what i'm thinking by looking at me are around.
i need to fall into the fast motion picture before my eyes and embrace the chaos that is my mind and just go wild. for i am changing and growing with each passing millisecond and i cannot become who i am meant to be unless i let go of everything i have ever known. the comforts of home no longer comfort me, they confront me. that's how i know it's time to go.


i need to be the ******* the train for a little while.

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