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sophia Sep 2018
Am I overreacting?
Is something not wrong and I just don’t deserve the effort he gives?
I gave him a sliver of my heart,
Should I have given him the whole thing?
sophia Sep 2018
I am alone in these woods
Its silent when trees fall
They were not meant to last
Blocking the path, it is unfamiliar now
I will remain stuck as I have been
sophia Mar 2018
As the sun rises from its golden slumbers
The moon decides to rest
The tides reach for what once was there
But now are filled with light
Lifting out of the haze of sleep
The bugs birds and beings bask in their life
Loving dreaming feeling
Breaking burning crumbling
All under the blues of the skies
So beautiful is the extent of the horizon line.
sophia Feb 2018
Soft green moss underneath my toes accompanied by
The bittersweet breeze of march air and its wind rushing through your bones
The garden is lovely and full of newly blossomed flowers
Ivy hikes up the brick siding of the house
It is a striking emerald,
But it is little compared to the color of your eyes
sophia Feb 2018
Chipped pink nail polish and dirt caked on your hands
Running around with your imaginary best friend
Scraped up knees with a big bright smile
I wish I got to stay a kid longer
sophia Feb 2018
Thoughts of springs bursting through the side of the mountains
The patient river flowing past the banks
Full of sticks and rocks and deer prints
Idly waiting in the sun surrounded in the warm rays of sunlight
Walking through the narrow path
The dark is cut through by the golden hazy sunshine.
sophia Feb 2018
My footprints leave marks in the snow
What will I leave behind?
It’s hard to tell what others know,
Will my life be doomed to hide?
How will I leave behind a mark
In this large universe?
We are so small and space is so dark
I guess it could be worse.
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