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Atishay Jun 2016
Forced smiles denting the slippery cheeks
Drape the unsettling naked truth.

Clumsy remarks from those long muted lips
Confirm a heart full of voids.

These holes in my curtain  fall shy of sunlight,
My dreams dreaming stars on the inside,
These strings scar my fingers every night,
Driving me to sing out the pain one might

And I do not need to stand before you,
When you can just use my sight.
Atishay Jun 2016
The vastness of the ocean whispered that
Dreams cannot be contained

The pure moonlight guiding the
Rested hopes of mine

The land that HE carved out
Just for admiration
Crossed all limits to stun mankind

Music in my ears
Making things clearer every moment

And suddenly ,
the horizon seemed less hazy.
Atishay Jun 2016
Vows changing by the hour,
Losing one of the few ties
Of what they said were ties of a lifetime.

This grey love never feels...never owns
And is beneath of what owes and grows.
The hazy lines of your palm,
The fading pictures of your green mind,
The invisible skin covering crooked bones,
And the fake rainbow.
Do nothing but **** my expectation.
Atishay Jun 2016
Didn't map my days to fill yours
Faked my sleep to dream yours
Crumbled my faith to protect yours
And I did lose my way,
Because I was busy lighting yours.

Countless scars, as in a bark
Ignited thoughts, often dark.

Strings are broken
The ink has gone dry
Still aiming for the horizon
While the colors die.
Atishay Feb 2016
"    The idea of hope mesmerizes me...

      Taking me out of myself
      Building the lives I lived in deep sleep
      Crushing the haunting shadows that parallel me
      Filtering the unknown into something placid
      Re scripting the bold unshakable imprints               "

*Expressing it, was unjust,
It only had to be done
I had never in my life,
Gone so far with my dreams
That i don't remember not living them
I see a light , I think I see,
a spark signalling a route
solely meant for me.

My idea of fulfillment stands still
Though the past seems heavy
My sanguine thoughts are over time and belief.
And so I will,
I will out of all possibilities
Cross the line and
Enter something ineffable.
Atishay Dec 2015
Burden me with Hope
Blind me with expectations
Abstain me from being impulsive
Allure me with your materialism

Then ask me to remember you?

I am a progeny of my own blunders
         a result of my own judgement
         a prey to my own beliefs
         a verse of my own song

I dont need to remember you

If you want yourself to be remembered

Embellish my lone thoughts with your own
Give shape to my nascent blunt dreams
Dont let go when HE tests , be there
**Being there counts
Remembering a person demands courage.People meet,love,hate and forget.They leave a mark,a scar on your ****** fate.By remembering you give back what you owe .
Atishay Dec 2015
I let it occupy the whole of me
And its hold on me kept escalating

My hand reaching out to my head
pinching ,scratching.
My nails fighting the hair off my wrinkled brain
Changing the color of my untouched skin
Turning me into a monster , I couldn't see

It went away and left me with
damp cheeks, bruised skin ,
cheapened love and helplessness

And knowing the consequences now,
I do it again AND AGAIN!!
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