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Ata May 2018
Competent to absorb in another soul
Yearning to become indistinguishable from it
Non separable from a love nap
here I dream
Ata Jun 2016
One word
Uncountable sentiments
Flawless proposals
Grant frivolous wind
Humming into one's
Ata Mar 2016
My cavalier
a snowdrop's gentleman
escorting the delicate kiss
within waltz of nature harmony
Ata Mar 2016
A flute
a young lover
pleasuring her note,
his misty silhouette
passes through the moor
purpling the whispers of
the love ballad
Ata Dec 2015
As evergreen compliment
attached to the wistful heart
it still passionately lasts
Ata Dec 2015
A delicate breeze
it thrills on desire
in blushed rain
Ata Dec 2015
White berries
frozen in our mistletoe
they are born
freshly spring
into a red fling
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