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Q Jun 2014
Hearts pounding,
Minds racing,
Skin touching,
Eyes meeting.

Love blooming,
Hands holding,
Smiles shining,
Cheeks blushing.

Blush fading,
Smiles falling,
Hands slipping,
Love losing.

Eyes dripping,
Skin yearning,
Minds screaming,
Hearts dying.

New beginnings,
Hated endings,
Wanted loving,
Dreaded leaving.

But still okay.
Your lost lover
Will fade away.
Q May 2014
We were twins,
My Gem and I,
And never once
Did I see her cry.

Not when the crab
Stole her clock
And not when the ******
Lost her lock.

Not when the lion
Shaved his mane
And not when the ram
Forgot her name.

Not when the fish
Became seafood
And not when the archer
Was in a bad mood.

Not when the scorpion
Became poison-free
And not when the seagoat
Disappeared from the sea.

Not when the water-bearer
Stopped doing its work
And not when the scales
Lost their perks.

Not when the bull
Found the tamer
And lost it's freedom
For and old man's wager.

My Gem and I
Were twins, not friends.
She never cried
Or made amends.

We left each other
And she was fine
Until the end
Of our story lines.
Q Nov 2013
The leaves fall down and so do our tears
when the sad child screams
to follow his dreams.

Wish for happiness and live in fear;
you look for perfection
in your secret addiction.

Tired and weary and lost in the dark,
wishing and longing
for the exit that's lost.

Inside it's cold but outside it isn't --
just escape them yourself
for your own mental health.

So push off the hands that keep you a secret --
you're locked up inside
by those scared to try.

The leaves have grown back and our tears have dried up
because you let go of the ones
who kept you inside.
Q Nov 2013
Ebony hair
and ivory skin;
the girl who was glass
was saved from her sin.

Her figure was altered,
her appearance had changed.
Black hair to gold
and with that she was named.

The Glass Girl was reborn
and her memories stolen.
They would only return
when she became golden.

She was sent back in time
and grew up an angel.
She watched a young boy
who was not cimply a stranger.

The girl who was glass
and the girl who would **** her
were one in the same
and their were impure.

When the Glass Girl was shattered
and the Mirror-Eyes dulled,
the poor Radiant Girl
was now lost in the cold.

The Flying Boy warned her
because the flying boy knew.
He is a cold-hearted demon.
and now the angel is, too.

A demon she is
and glass like before.
Her porcelain heart
is black to the core.

Ebony hair
and ivory skin.
The girl who was glass
pays for her sin.
This poem is in somewhat of a series.. To clear some confusion you should read Glass Girl, Mirror-Eyed Boy and Radiant Girl (in that order)~
Q Feb 2013
She got on the bus at seven.
Her body was found at ten.
What happened in those three hours
Before he final breaths?

The doctors said it was suicide
The detectives called out ******.
Never would a cause be found
Because she wasn't dead.

She wanted an escape,
A simple, brand new, life.
How did she do it, you ask?
That, my dear, will forever be a secret.
Q Feb 2013
Little Lucy
Lost her mother
And her father
Didn't care.

He walked
Right by her
And he never
Said a word.

But Lucy knew
His deepest secret
And she hoped
He didn't know.

She'd been murdered --
Lucy's mother --
And Lucy knew
By who.

She'd never tell,
She was afraid.
Did her father
Know she knew?

Poor, poor Lucy
Lost her life
Because, yes,
Her father knew.
Q Jan 2013
The Radiant Girl
Shone bright as she smiled
And when she cried
The world wept with her.

She was an angel,
A girl in disguise.
She was sent here to watch
His sweet Mirror-Eyes.

As she secretly watched
This special boy grow
She felt in her heart
A love she couldn't show.

Soon the boy found
The lovely Glass Girl
And she became oh so sad
When their sweet love unfurled.

The Radiant Girl
Felt she'd lose him forever!
Her fragile heart crumbled
and her rage took over.

The girl made of glass
Fell into pieces
And the whole world
Began to crumble.

The Radiant Girl
Screamed at this town
As the boy who could fly
Struck her love down.  

His heart was torn out
Then thrown to the side.
So the Radiant Girl
Fell down and cried.

Now she was alone
And her true love was gone.
She disappeared quickly
To escape Death's song.

The lost angel returned
to the boy who could fly.
The dark had consumed her
and now it was time --

The Radiant Girl
Shone bright as she smiled
And when she died
The world went with her.
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