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Ashton Turney Jan 2013
It's there...
It's just harder to find
We are told that it is becoming harder and harder to see.
But I don't think it's true.
I think there is just as much love as there ever was.
I think that there are just as many people that would do anything for anyone.
I think that there are just as many soul mates...
...just as many happily ever afters
...just as many random acts of kindness
...just as many people that have a genuine care for all the people they have never even met.
I think love it taken for granted
...not cherished
...not slowed down

*That's why we can't see it...
Ashton Turney Jan 2013
We look over our shoulders for familiar faces.
Accustomed to seeing them with outstretched hands.
Some with want some with empowerment.
We turn around to see only familiar strangers.
Everyone takes journeys.
Some far away, some close to home.
All of them justifying destruction with their broken promises and broken hearted love songs.
Familiar faces drive further away in new cars with old tags until they become only a break in the horizon line.
And there are those that are left behind to wonder if they will ever come back.
They don't..they never will.

— The End —