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Ashley Varela Nov 2013
That's when you changed it all
I was too scared to fall
That look you gave me and I was done
It felt as though I was paralyzed by the sun
No star in the sky could have prepared me
You haunt my dreams, couldn't you just let me be?
Two kids with separate paths to go down
I was on my way out of this broken town
I was a damaged soul but ready to fly
Why did you have to make it this hard to say goodbye?
A fate we met
A worthless bet
On a cold September day I left
But that smile still stays with me  
Lingering & whispering, I'll never truly be free
Out of fear from falling I pushed you away
Out of my life I made you stay
I can't have anything holding me down
But even with you gone, I'm stuck on the ground
That summer had to come to an end
It left my heart scarred & my mind in a bend
Our paths crossed but we couldn't stay
As the leaves changed I moved away
But all I see is that smile you gave
From that moment on I knew I caved
Love is such a strong word I say
So what's it called when I think of you everyday?
Ashley Varela Oct 2013
You can run but you cannot hide.
You can jump but you cannot fly.
You can leave but you'll always come back.
You are trapped.
Ashley Varela Oct 2013
Let the rain wash away sober pains of drunk yesterday
Beating vivid like fire in the night  
Let your soul illuminate to new heights
One last breath upon your chest
Running fast, moving without rest.
You left me here
Chained to rot, my dear.
But I am the sun, always moving on.
And when it is time to rest
And my shining light is in its nest
Only the darkness sees my true form.
My sunshine beams weep like willows,
As I wait till dawn with emptiness & pillows
Until the new day recharges my light
As the daylight awakens me ever so bright
**I will be stronger.
Ashley Varela Oct 2013
You can look around and become wrapped up in the beauty around you.
You can become enhanced in every sight you see.
You thank the universe for these marvelous paintings nature has drawn out.
You can see the world as a perfect place, despite all the negatives.
But you can not see the same sparkling treasures  when you look into a reflection.
Ashley Varela Oct 2013
The concaving mystery
The simple act of love
The beautiful act of life
The confused act of insecurities
The hope of acceptance
The charge of degradance
The violent act of power
The intertwine of two souls meeting for the first time
The lesser the meaning of this 3 letter word
The lesser the meaning of the 4 letter word
What is *** without love?

— The End —