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Ashley Goff Oct 2015
Do you still love me?
Does my love linger in the air?
Have you forgotten us?
Do you still feel me near?

I have not let go
I can not release your soul
To release you would **** me
Your love keeps me whole

I still call to you
In the middle of the night
Not aloud, but my heart emits love
My love searches for you

Sometimes my love finds you
Sometimes it does not
But when it finds you in the night
It warms you where you are

My love feels warm
You remember your skin on mine
My love fills that hole in your heart
And keeps me forever on your mind

Does my love seem cruel?
You are not caged
But neither are you free of me
I am still tethered to your soul

I could release you
From this soul tie we created
But I have not given up
I promised I never would

I will love you from afar
I will suffer only for you
But always welcome my love when it comes
Always keep my heart near
Ashley Goff Oct 2015
They told me to write again
I said I cannot
The pain would be to great
It is only an account of suffering

They told me to write different
Write about something pleasant
They love a cheesy romance
Happy ending and all

I cannot write of joy
Suffering consumes my heart
Pain flows through my veins
And stains paper with true romance

Like Pip and Estelle
I love a black heart
I am never to be rewarded
With the love of my love

Like Jay and Daisy
My love chose another
My heart ripped from my chest
I am left for dead

True love knows little joy
Happiness is brief
Suffering is great
Pain is indefinite

Because true love is to suffer
On another’s account
To love despite suffering
To love no matter what

Star-crossed lovers have little hope
But I will continue to write
Only of our suffering love
My muse is not lost
I was asked why I do not write anymore and my answer was a simple shrug. But the true answer is very complicated because I lost the one I love. So after 2 years since I wrote of you, and after 1 year, 257 days since the day you got engaged and ripped my heart from my chest, I sat down and the words flowed out. And I imagine that is because just because I suppress my feelings for you doesn't mean they aren't still very very real.
Ashley Goff Nov 2013
We’re back where we left off
I was hoping we would never find this place again
A place of uncertainty
A place where we can’t be together

And yet here we are again
Led by you to this place we hate so much
I start to wonder if you do hate it
Or if you thrive in this

Maybe you enjoy being loved by many
It’s possible I’m not alone
I wouldn’t be surprised
You are just so **** lovable

But I pity you really
You’ve brought us here because you're afraid
This is a safe place for you
No chance of being alone

Maybe you don’t feel worthy
Like you don’t deserve love
Or you fear loneliness
Maybe you just don’t know what you want

Don’t keep us trapped here
Let yourself be loved
Let me give you what you deserve
I would never leave you
Ashley Goff Oct 2013
We hide from everyone
Wallow in loneliness and silence
But we are the only ones oblivious
Blind to our own exposure

Beauty cannot hide worry
We wear our lies like a brilliant mask
Incognito and apparent to everyone
The truth will come out in the end

Time will dig a deeper hole
And in the end it will be buried
But so with it my heart
Because time cannot heal love

Star-crossed lovers will meet again
Time cannot defeat fate
I will wait a thousand years
In the end we must remember that its never to late
Ashley Goff Oct 2013
Thinking of you
Don’t want to
Look out the window
Concrete and cars

Try to listen
Math is boring
Check my phone
Nothing from you

Drink some water
Play with my hair
Draw some flowers
Think of you

Apply lipgloss
Shift in my seat
Once again
Think of you

Adjust my chair
Look at the clock
Wasted half an hour
Thinking of you

Write a poem
On my math test
Just because I’m
Thinking of you
Ashley Goff Oct 2013
He’s a ****
He’s a flirt
He’s ******
His hand’s up my skirt

He's fun
He's a laugh
He's what I need
Like the missing half

He's a secret
He's worry
He's hurtful
But always sorry

He's ****
He's charming
He's spontaneous
It’s never alarming

He’s serious
He’s complicated
He’s addictive
I should have waited

He’s passion
He’s affection
He’s always begging
The *** is excellent

He’s loneliness
He’s heartache
He’s hers
Not mine to take

He’s love
He’s a soulmate
He’s so far away
It’s worth the wait

— The End —