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Arya 1d
At the eve,
a chariot of sparkly golden
move around with
a bunch of angels and fairies
followed by a bright
white soul
Arya Nov 18
You have  seen my colors
I have seen none
the sky has a limit
I asked the proof
It has told me to ask
those birds fly high above earth
I have seen the wandering clouds
rhyming  verse of 'Wordsworth'
falling snow flakes on that
elevated mountain side
blooming seasons turned my face
again optimistic and queer, then
I started to walk in search of
colors  i haven't seen yet.
Arya Nov 13
A colored blood of red
oozed out of my skin
it was asking stem of origin
gender and  humanity
who am i?
Arya Nov 3
It's because i loved you,
 I feel my days are becoming  vulnerable
   without  your presence
   It's been  lengthy much more devoid of
   seeing  glimpse of your shades at  pages
   of an unrevealed love
   distance between phrases of our lives
   **** every micro seconds
   And drag down to the shore where portrayed
   the essence of melancholic me
 It's because i loved you.
Arya Oct 31
If you touch me
with your cold fingers
you might feel ,
the mornings and evenings
passed with no reason
months and years
sustained by ignorance
shredded days and nights
enveloped with a silent rhythm
at last, you would see
the myth of my fragile
body's breathing soul!
Arya Oct 29
My confession follows
being a women  to myself
I am afraid of it's authenticity
when it concludes me
Arya Oct 23
My ink yet to refill
it may draw a line
or a word hidden
depths of soul earth
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