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RJ Arcamo Sep 2019
The sun rose,
Giving me time to pause.
Reaching to my heart,
The promise to never part.

That today will be my art.
Rise up again.
RJ Arcamo Sep 2019
Nung nakilala kita ligaya'y umapaw
Di maitago ngiti sa araw-araw
Bawat pag-uusap natin ay damang-dama
Puso'y sumisigaw sa tuwing ika'y kasama

Walang oras na di kita inisip
Tila di na nais pang maidlip
Ngunit napagtanto kong ako'y mali
Nang malaman kong di ako ang napili

Pag-ibig mo'y laan sa nakaraan
Di sakin na nasa iyong harapan
Lungkot at sakit pumalit sa saya
Nung panahong ika'y aking naging akala.
RJ Arcamo Sep 2019
I lie in bed
Clearing my head
Thinking that it will fade
All the love that I held

Tonight it will end.
No more.
RJ Arcamo Sep 2019
I speak as if no one is there
I say words that only I care
I whisper letters that no one hears
I sigh phrases that I fear

People think Im losing my mind
Shouting all the words inside that bind
They say that what was I going through will pass
Not knowing that I'm as fragile as a glass

I make up sentences that are unreal
I write down lyrics that are not clear
I sing a song for a dime
I read a story to pass the time

I write this poem to ease the pain
And make believe that there is to gain
Let us pretend that tomorrow will be new
And I will be happy, so will you.
Some people think we are crazy, just let them.
RJ Arcamo Sep 2019
We speak of happy moments
And then we suddenly weep.
We speak of sorrowful nights
And then we give a sigh

We think of forgotten days
And then bring a look of dismay
We put up broken pieces
And then paint our face of grimace

Not a second that our emotions flatter
As if to make us feel a little bit lighter
It is there to remind us were human
And not just some blank mistaken plan

We express it with water from eyes
A liquid we only know what lies
It helps us ease all the burden
These tears became the words unspoken.
RJ Arcamo Aug 2019
In my hand is a cup of tea
In this moment let me be
Take all the worries away
I beg thee just for a day

In my mind is a picture of us
A memory that now has passed
Take all the sadness with you
I beg thee to please do

In my heart is a sorrow of mine
A scar than no one can find
Take all the pain from me
And today just let me be
Just let me escape it for a day

— The End —