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Arik Fletcher Aug 2020
Love knows no true boundary,
Nor does it need a name,
It has no care for history,
Nor will it suffer blame.

Love gives all for honesty,
All secrets must be known,
For those that have integrity,
May reap the bounty sown.

Love calls for no property,
Nor gifts to play its game,
It has no god or reliquary,
Nor has it need for fame.

Love provides a sanctuary,
A home away from home,
Regardless of geography,
It follows where we roam.

Love asks no eternity,
Nor offers up the same,
It has no immorality,
Nor does it make such claim.

Love confers indemnity,
Acceptance of past sins,
For truth and self in synergy,
Is where true love begins.
Arik Fletcher Aug 2020
Picture the future,
Picture the past,
Picture the present,
And hope it will last.

Pray for your loved ones,
Pray for the lost,
Pray for your freedom,
For all it has cost.

Follow your own dreams,
Follow your heart,
Follow a new path,
And live for your art.

Don't dwell on the bad times,
Don't cling to the pain,
Don't give up your chance,
To be happy again.

Life is not torment,
Life is not woe,
Life is your canvas,
And the world needs your show.
Arik Fletcher Feb 2020
The cloak we wear surrounds us,
And keeps us out of harm,
It clothes and it protects us,
From every fear and qualm.

Yet as it keeps the world out,
It holds the darkness in,
A cold embrace that spreads out,
And scars our broken skin.

Once donned it won’t release us,
A captive in our mind,
It keeps our feelings from us,
Impossible to find.
Arik Fletcher Feb 2020
Rushing ever forward,
Running out of time,
Moving ever faster as the stress and panic climb.

Never far from chaos,
Nothing safe from change,
Making rash decisions as the goals all rearrange.

Always overthinking,
All for something more,
Missing out on moments just to even out the score.

Hopelessly unsettled,
Heartlessly unchaste,
Marking every happiness as steps to be retraced.

So much left unspoken,
Still more to be done,
Mourning what could not be in the web this life has spun.

Time to make a difference,
This must find an end,
Meaning cannot be found til the past is left to mend.
Arik Fletcher Feb 2020
If the dark inside still calls you,
And the light inside goes cold,
Will you try ignore the summons,
Or just let the beast take hold?

If the heart you hold still beats strong,
But the love you feel grows weak,
Will you give yourself to save it,
Or just hunt that which you seek?

If the life you live feels empty,
And the truth cannot be faced,
Will you fight for all that could be,
Or just let hope be erased?
Arik Fletcher Feb 2018
By 1am I dread them,
As the world around me dreams,
The worries of the day consuming all of me it seems.

By 2am I sense them,
And the peace of sleep is lost,
What little respite given me is now too high a cost.

By 3am I hear them,
All the voices of the past,
Each whisper in the darkness of a life that could not last.

By 4am I feel them,
My dark mind their bitter cage,
They roar and scream within me as my panic fuels their rage.

By 5am I see them,
Every shadow that I’ve cast,
Now closing ranks around me though I hold my ground steadfast.

By 6am I face them,
As the world around me wakes,
Weakened but prepared to live no matter what it takes.
Arik Fletcher Feb 2018
There is a place within my mind,
A haven where dreams never die,
A home I hope to some day find,
A moonlit castle in the sky.

When darkness reigns upon my life,
I’d go to where the clouds roll by,
A land free from all pain and strife,
There in that castle in the sky.

Should danger ever come my way,
I know where I would choose to lie,
To hide until my final day,
Within this castle in the sky.

For now I’ll watch the fading sun,
And smile through every tear I cry,
To rest at last when this is done,
Here in my castle in the sky.
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