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aria wheeler Sep 2016
why is love so confusing
why am i always choosing
cant you just stop complaining?
am i ever good?
and you, feel like your not understood?
i need a break im not sure how much more
aria wheeler Sep 2016
Im drowning in tears
Consumed by my fears
Im seeing a bright light
I have lost the fight
I won't be coming home tonight
aria wheeler Sep 2016
do you ever have to fight

just to keep someone off your mind

but at the end of the night thats the only one

you want to hold tight
aria wheeler Sep 2016
Life is crazy Im feeling quite hazy
The lights are blinding too many people dying
Pressure on my lungs it feels like I have been stung
Please help
aria wheeler Sep 2016
Im depressed again
Not sure when it will end
Can't stand life i don't wanna fight
Just let me be don't question me
Especially if you can't see who I am I don't want to be
aria wheeler Sep 2016
i remember when we got her first she was young and wild she was just a child her claws too big for her paws and she began to get clumsy
i miss my big loveable dummy i remember how i would get mad and yell cause she got her hair all over my hoodie or she would tear my shoes apart but truly i loved her with all my heart i remember how i would hold her tight throughout the night she would lay at the foot of my bed and her paws would cradle her head i will never see her body's morning imprint or smell her scent i remember how she hugged me when she was scared and i would hold her there but now she is gone and i cant do anything i miss everything from her sweet eyes to her wild body pulsing and alive instead i visit her grave and i try to be brave cause my puppy wouldn't want to see her mom cry so i really try.

i love you mimi and i miss you dearly ~mimi my lost spirit
she had to be put down because she got in a dogfight and was claimed as the one who started it but i don't care i love her
aria wheeler Sep 2016
The tears stream hot down my face you can not be replaced I just want to wrap you in a embrace but your gone with only memories and a empty place to fill your space as long as your pictures still live in my phone truly I'm not completely alone I hope you are in a better place until then I will be curled up in your place where we used to lay where we used to play where I watched you grow where I raised you I love you and nothing will change that. ~mimi my lost spirit
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