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Arber Selmani Aug 2013
That’s just a catastrophe
When I get lost and you cannot find me
When I'm a catacomb, and you think I'm a synagogue

Love isn’t what you think
It's not you ******* up everything I do
It's not even me trying to write about your stupidity
It's not my family, hating you ever after

Do you think we can have a baby?
Or can you imagine both of us as partners in crime?
Wait, shut up, am I being selfish,
Cherishing myself to death, blasphemously

You have to know, I am a boy
I am a girl sometimes
I am transgendered, but that doesn’t mean I cannot cry.
I can hurt you and the feeling will equal to your mother’s death

Zoanthropy, I can be.
Authority, Military, Nudism, you and me.
I can make you ***** and smile
This ongoing process I get every day from coexisting with your picture

Who the hell are you, anyway?
Do I already know you, felt you, grab your genitals?
Isn't that a pity, cause I still play the sensitive type
While I'm the ***** ad the pure prostitution

— The End —