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when you have fame,
the world adores you.
But when you're lame,
the world ignores you

when you're happy,
the world abhors you.
And when you're grieving,
they entirely destroy you.

when you wage war,
the world supports you.
But when you seek peace,
they never comfort you.

the world is worsening,
every second we live.
we shall end our suffering,
if we start to believe.......
                                      in God
everyday i have an inner cry for what this world is turning into. wars, deaths, illnesses, massacres, happen all the time. you never know when it will be your turn. find the Lord, he'll save you. He lives!
life is like playing basket ball.
when you don't always make a successful shot,
you move on till the game is over and try your luck
and have hope till the end.
for when you quit the game, you don't only lose,
but you become a looser yourself.
never give up!
pain is a dagger,
which makes you cry,
it makes you stagger,
but doesn't let you die.
pain is a life necessity,
if you don't experience it,
you may not know how to be strong!
its okay to feel pain. it doesn't **** you!
stars don't struggle hard to seek for notice,
they already shine enough to be noticed..
                  even by the blind!
you don't need to be on TV before being recognized as a "star".
your beautiful heart already makes you one!
if a guy calls a girl fat,
he needs to get his own self in shape.
because if a guy is truly in shape,
he will respect a woman's heart
a bully doesn't bully for fun,
he wants something that you have that he doesn't.

if you are a victim, you are beautiful!
This  is not a pen,
it is a tool which interacts with the mind and a paper.
it flows boldly with emotional charisma.
it brings forth thunder at its strike to the sky.
its no ordinary pen,
but a magical stick which brings forth spells of paradise.

a pen has power
poetic power <3
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