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Apollonian Mar 2013
Once upon a time,
when time stood still,
when still was my heart,
when my heart was with HIM,

                                                     there was a little boy,
                                                     there was a man in him,
                                                     there was no man outside him,
                                                     there were no others for him.

Time passed in trickles like it always does.
Youth flies by the day like how it surely does.
Life moves on slowly but surely without any fuss.
Love sometimes dies when your heart does a lot of cuss.

                                                 The boy became a man on the outside.
                                                 The man became a boy in the inside.
                                                 The mind fell in love with the outside.
                                                 The heart fell out of love with the inside.
Apollonian Nov 2012
Though it wasn't always heart-warming
Initially I enjoyed the churning
and the familiar feel of burning
Now I know I am running high on Acid!

Acid distorts your perception
Makes you feel like you done an Inception
But it's just an anamoly in your mental conception
Now I know I am running high on Acid!

It's 3 A.M and you know the familiar feel
And all your insecure feelings, before you they kneel
because you've burnt them all in your productive Zeal
Now I know I am running high on Acid!

Everything that has a beginning has an end
So should my body, which I have now rend
And my once-powerful mind, which I should now mend
Now I know I am running high on Acid!

Oh, take one step at a time, says Time Doc
Don't take on more, just slowly walk with the flock
Trust me, I am your Father and to you, I shall not mock
Now you know you're running high on Acid!

Relax my child, you've worn out your fill
It's clearly evident as you're taking Gelusil
Rest your body and mind and tomorrow you'll climb another hill
I bless your soul and this is my will.
Apollonian Nov 2012
Once upon a time, there lived a lady Gem
When she cleared her throat, she went ahem, ahem!
not to take anything cold, so was she advised
but she didn't care as much her doctor did; so I surmised

The aroma ran sweet when she started to cook
Her tasty muffins' recipes could easily fill a book
Her friends who ate them wouldn't just stop with one
And in the end, she would normally be left with none

When it came to work, she was conscientious
And in all that she did, she was fastidious
Though sometimes one could say, her mood was capricious
In all that she did and said, she was simply courageous

She had a large heart, and it was not just with food
In every one's life that she crossed paths, she blessed them with good!
Anyone who asked for help, would never be told no
She was one of the kindest souls one could ever get to know!
Apollonian Nov 2012
There was once, a girl called Srividya
who ended conversations with a "see yea"
and sometimes with, "Don't wanna be yea"
but had a gentle heart like Mamma mia!

She took it in her head to write
which gave her friends a fright
But, vidya in her heart, was tight
to somehow pour her mind and write

Words from her heart, upon the paper, fell
they came in a tumble; they came pell-mell
when they fell in place, her story, they did tell
and those read said in their hearts, Aawll eezz well!!!

A persistent Vidya never gave up hope
and found some more, when she ran out of rope
She took inspiration from the divine Pope
and in her works, introduced a little operaish soap

Day after day, dawn after dawn
Little srividya wrote like a fawn
She said to herself, lighting the midnight candle on
'Course you can write; you just need to COME ON!

For her words, she used the iambic pentameter
But her cruel friends said, "eyyy, podhum paa peter!"
Her consistent efforts bore fruit; her blog was published
seeing her beautiful works see the light of day, she felt accomplished

Oh you might wonder, what does this tale tell
what is the idea, I'm trying to sell
without much ado, let me just say
A little encouragement goes a long way!
Apollonian Nov 2012
Because the weatherman had forecast rain,
we all thought it'd be a pain
Thoughts of efforts going in vain
ran in our collective, clouded brain

Cough, gurgle, moan, splutter
my bike made such sounds in deep water
'neath my breath, I did mutter
God, please change me into an otter

Left and right, I twisted and turned
Acidic waters in my stomach churned
I wished that my office were adjourned
To take my raincoat was my lesson learned

Just when I thought that things won't get right
I got a chance to give a ride to Snow White
Day follows night; life has its seasons
Sometimes it rains for the right reasons
Apollonian Oct 2012
As the white computer screen flickers
my tired and white mind bickers.
I know there exists a wonderful land
where things and events are not so bland.
Sometimes I wish I were a li'l planned
and play in my life, a merry, chill band.

Now that being said, which reminds my sorry dud head,
I'm all outta blood, and before I fall down with a thud
I need to go and hit my soft bed
seriously, I shouldn't see red

Moment of truth, where hast thou been?
Make time for me, I ain't no more Bean.
Let's cut to the chase, I could do with some sheen
Be fair and quick, just don't be mean.

There comes a time when you want to turn back the clock
Let's say I'm thine; my ship's at the dock!
I need some morphine; save me, my Doc,
Oh, am astray! pray, take me back to thy flock

Moment of truth, 'fore you I kneel
my layers are done like an open onion peel
this pain so intense, that's how I feel
this moment of truth, I'm ready to heal.
Apollonian Oct 2012
Indra's wrath descended on Earth.
mighty thunder wrecked the skies
while scary lightning gave onlookers the creeps
it rained from above and chocolate ran in the streets.
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