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Antony Nyaga Mar 2016
In November of 2011
A European woman was
kidnapped by Alshabaab militants
from a posh apartment in a Kenyan coast
The same time, young Joshu sat for his final exams
March of 2013, Saitoti declared war on terror...n troops went to keep safe our territories
Young Joshu got his results and he had  Grade A..
a smart lad he has always been
unemployment and love for uniformed job... young Joshu
could not wait to go to University for 6 **** years..
n end up frustrated like many elites from his village
He joined the army as a Cadet
enjoy life for two years
early this year young Joshu went to serve his country in Somalia
to fight terror
Today I received sad news about Young Joshu's death
R.I.p we all wrote in his F.B wall
but we never thought that he was the bread winner in a family of 7
for how long I mourn you, I will never tell Joshu, You will remain to be my inspiration whenever you are...Always chase my dreams...R.I.P Souldier
Antony Nyaga Mar 2016
when I saw you with him
on that Sunday afternoon
in your home
this is what I thought
and I did not say
you are him have been sweethearts
for that long
n you were just using me
just to cover it up...the
friendship is wasted..n all
is was the end of hope
this is what I said
n i did not think
"you are a *****...n you r no better than the rest...
Then you went away...
with tears in your eyes
n I've never heard from you
ever since...
Antony Nyaga Feb 2016
its all for you Imar
that I turn down this offer
to go and work oversees
and leave you here while our love is young
I recently met you and
you gave me a smile that invited
you into my heart
with you,love moved my way
should I go and leave with my tender love?
That I'm not ready to do

— The End —