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Anonymity Sep 2016
Two students, two seats
Two people, four feet
One day, two meet
One date, repeat
One woman, too sweet
One man, complete
Two hearts, one beat.
Anonymity Sep 2016
Lord knows I've never felt this way.
Lord knows I felt it from the start.
I'm in love with the woman with soft green eyes and a giving heart.

She dances through my very soul,
And no moment well spent when apart,
I'm in love with the woman with soft green eyes and a giving heart.

God has given me the greatest gift,
And I will cherish her until our souls depart,
I'm in love with the woman with soft green eyes and a giving heart.
Anonymity Sep 2015
Testify and let the truth preside.
Reside in the same place where you remind
Me of those spring time tonights.

Set sail, resign to the eternal horizon.
Symphonic mist kisses the whispered tryst.
Fall into my every Autumn, fill it with bliss.
Anonymity Sep 2015
Callus heart and troubled mind
An iron will and curiosity un-resigned
Memories of yesterday's man in the mirror
The more distant they fall, the clearer
Today I fall short, but never been nearer
Previous seasons renderings are merely mirage
Anonymity Nov 2014
Hope unrestrained,
Hope in a prayer,
Hang hope on your Lord and savior.

Love unhindered,
Love your fellow man,
Learn to love as much as you can.

Dream untethered,
Dream beyond the stars,
Dare to dream too far.
Anonymity Nov 2014
The crescent moon begins to peel back its veil.
The hound howls at the slowly darkening horizon.
The fog crawls out from the distant forest
Like a spider approaching its prey.

The cold slithers in from behind and snakes up your back.
The fog creeps closer and the howls are a growing to crescendo.
The cold begins to enwrap you in its coil.
The voice within begs you to run and scream,
But you're paralyzed from the shock of the scene.

Your end arriving right before your eyes,
You are bearing witness to your own demise.
The stench of rot grows like a fungus.
A shadow from the depths of the fog floats closer.
A skinless hand reaches out and peels back its veil.
Anonymity Oct 2014
Bow tie- tightened but hangs askew
Glancing in the mirror he shrugs; tired of the tireless toil of the tie.
Continuing on through a arched door stained brown like the late Autumn leaves.
With a gentle nod he greets his friends and family, cracking a smile ever so slightly.
Music begins to softly pour into the hall.
He takes his queue and walks his mother into a room.
The room if filled with eyes, ears, smiles, and tears.
His mother gives him a heart-felt kiss upon the cheek.
He tells her he loves her and let's her take her seat.
The man situates himself at the head of the room trying to control his emotions.
The music fades away and another tune begins to play.
The room turns, all attention aimed at the opening of the double-doors.
But nothing.
The song continues, but no one is on display.
The eyes quickly turn to convey dismay.
The man rubs his eyes. On a day so filled with joy, only grief he receives.
What was once a love painted red is now stained brown like the late Autumn leaves.
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