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Anne Bell Nov 2012
I cried because I just wanted to share it with you,
The way that you share things with me.
I never complain to you because you're my sweet.
But while I was sharing my happiness with you,
you were whining.
The exact same way that you whined when I was honest.
I was honest in saying I did not want to sleep with you anymore,
but I guess that doesn't matter.

I cried because you don't talk.
You don't talk unless it is about guns, trucks or ***.
I  wish you could speak to me with sweet gentleness
Of things that mean everything but mean nothing.
I want you to be smart.
I want you to be thoughtful.
I want you to be a romantic.
I want you to sing me a sinfully sweet lullaby.

I cry,
because I want to be blissfully happy.

— The End —