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Anna Aug 2018
what is the essence of life if all i can think about is ending it?
Anna Jul 2018
one day, this world will be
d e v o i d
of dopamine flowing through our bodies.
Anna Jul 2018
ah, am i numb if i know you love me
but i still rarely feel it?
Anna Apr 2018
im only 43kg but im still the heaviest weight on your shoulders.
Anna Apr 2018
do you want a clingy girl so bad,
that you dont put in any effort anymore?
talk to me

Anna Mar 2018
i want to bathe in heavy water,
engulf me,
**** me,
maybe the radiation could give me abilities
like those heroes who had nothing
turned into something.

im lost and im drowning
maybe being something
just isnt for me

so engulf me and _ _ _ _ me.
kiss, **** or save?

Anna Dec 2017
modified lies,
forced trust
and fabricated you.

do not blame me for not loving the real you
if all you have shown me is the fake you.
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