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Annabel Flemate Jul 2013
You broke my heart and you thought it would be the death of me! Well Sir you are wrong in every way
You my think I will weep over you for years that I will not be able to control my tears.

But my dear fellow you are wrong I am strong and bold and can take on the unknown.

Right now I feel as I am just in a rough patch but it doesn't mean I won't get over you.

Oh silly man,my momma didn't raise no fool!
And I won't go crawling back to you.
Annabel Flemate Jul 2013
When you introduced yourself you said honesty was the best policy!
That you were honest like Abe you claim.
I fell in love with you not once have a met someone who says they are honest up front.
Once you said you loved me! But that was false
A Lie to my face time cannot replace when I kissed your so called honest lips.
Baby I'm busy lie number six this list of lies and wounds can not be fixed.
Your so called honesty lacks I want the old you back!
What happend to good old honest Abe ?
I will never get him back he is dead and gone and I'm longing for him back pleading and crying to come back.
But no he doesn't this is a person I do not know
He is a lier ! I fell in love with a pier the biggest one there is hopefully one day he will stop being a kid.
To be a man like good old Abe back in the day.
Annabel Flemate Jul 2013
At times I feel like just letting go
Thinking will you ever know?
We are in it together and can handle whatever but at times I feel like letting go

Sure people call us a power couple  and I shake my head and laugh but at times Is the power shifted  towards one then the other ? At times I feel like letting go
I want to let you know but is it fear that is holding me back , I am just a people pleasing person and can't fight back.  At times I feel like letting go

Is their something wrong with me  since i have never been in a relationship before is that how it should be ? A relationship should be?
People have played me like a fiddle before and yes it's my fault indeed I let you into my heart but at times all it just does is bleed.  Sometimes I feel like letting go
What to do I love you so and you know this is true I would give up everything for you but at times I feel like letting go.
Annabel Flemate Jun 2013
A life worth living

The wold needs people like you reading this poem.
You see for life is worth living.
Look at yourself in the mirror you are  not just the average joe! You have a certain quality inside I you that you may not be able to see but I do.
You see for I believe we are all needed here in life . Everyone goes through rough patches in life. My garden of life isn't filled with sunshine and daisies.

But those rough patches make you a stronger person even if you feel weak and want to weep.
But just know you are a ray of sunshine in my life you all add light in each others life which causes you to have light in your garden of life.
You are irreplaceable love yourself loveone another for you are all great in your own ways.
Your life is worth living
Annabel Flemate Jun 2013
To all the dreamers it's time for you to rise and take a stand!
Some tell us we will fail in life and not amount to anything.
It's true, we may end up failing at times but we, unlike them, we won't stop can't stop! For our dreams are grand and can help man.
We are dreamers, we try untill we die to make our dreams come alive .
With a vision set in mind we cast the first stepping stone toward our dream for our dream will become a reality !
Annabel Flemate Jun 2013
Be a leader with a servants heart this is what I live by ! I will follow these words until the day I die. Some have different standards in life some people live to have a family others to be rich and own a company but my goal in life and words I live by is to be a leader with a servants heart. You see when you do that I feel greatness is not to far behind and you can achieve any goal in your mind just simple acts of kindness and get someone through there day and just to let them know that everything is ok could be one of the best gifts of all
Annabel Flemate Jun 2013
It's time to face the facts!
People always paint out a picture of how one is supposed to be.
Some paint a picture of you saying  you will become the next Alexander the Great! No No some one says they will be just like Paul the saint.
Pictures are so pretty but once they start to fade and the colors start to turn to haze there will always be someone to say this painting is awful in many ways!
You see the picture you paint should be of your self not of anyone else for there colors may change to bright not light the way you want them to be.
Be yourself don't paint out a picture they want to see.  Paint the BIG picture it is to be true in your art and in your ways, for you see that is what they call a true masterpiece !!
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