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Anna Jane Pearce Aug 2013
cover me
smother me

don't ease your grip
don't bother to let go
when i scream and cry
when i writhe and kick
when i fall silent

i was gone as soon as i fell in your arms
Anna Jane Pearce Jul 2013
there was a castle built
constructed of bricks, laid by hand
piled one on another

it grew without respite
each brick laid by hand
-- cautiously
-- delicately

and with each brick
the castle grew
grew to match the trees
to exceed them
to tower over us and the world

the castle becomes a stronghold
-- impenetrable
-- unshaken
-- inescapable

there was a castle built
-- in my grief
-- in your absence  

i lay trapped outside its walls
i lay in the green
in my meager flat

confined and dwelling
outside the castle walls

standing, i gaze

not even the sun stands tall as to surpass the grey

my gaze drops to my feet
jade and amber peaking through my toes
a world surrounds me

i shift, i walk to the left
the castle in the brim of sight
though yearning, i abstain from its full view

instead i stride on
and it goes
and i am

f r e e

the greens in every direction but behind me

— The End —