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Ann Rachel Jan 2017
That Life, she smiled kindly upon me
it seemed
but she ripped my pen of it's ink

That Life, she caressed my cheek
it seemed
yet she burned my script and let the ashes flit away

That Life, her heart was in tune with mine
it seemed
but she drained the crimson I bled on a white blank page
Ann Rachel Jan 2015
So, I sang the words of the very same song.
The very same song, that tenderly held the beauty of you and I.
And I sang my part over and over,
But there was no one to sing yours.
Ann Rachel Jan 2015
You asked why?  It’s because she’s just all the right things.. and I’m all the wrong. She’s the beautiful melody, and I’m the broken song. She’s all you’ve wanted her to be, and I’m broken and worn. She’s the one you’re bound to, our forever is torn. Yet, I will forever love you.
Ann Rachel Jan 2015
You'll hide your tears within pillows,
Pillows that hold stains of eons of sadness.
You'll clench your teeth alone and they'll never know.
You'll hide your agony and he'll never see,
Not at least the great extent your sadness may be.

And you will hear tales of woe, from friend and foe, and people you don't know.
What you will do is heal their all.
But you will always be the one to fall.
Ann Rachel Feb 2014
Leave me be, world.
Let once my happiness flow.
Let loose your grip, world.
Please let my love grow.

Take your leave, night.
Let me revel in the light of day.
Uncover your face, Sun.
Let the dark in my soul fade.

Leave me be, world.
No one will ever know..
Ann Rachel Oct 2013
Foretastes of lonesome days awake,
Her tears turned to stone.
Her eyes that once shone
Now forlorn.

The fires that once burned inside
Now have all died
The demise of love
The end of good from above.

Her heart once worn
Now even more torn
Her hands, once unscathed
But now, in blood; bathed.

Her premise, once moral
Now debauched.
Her spirit, once untainted
Now defiled.
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