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Jul 2016 · 749
Ann Beaver Jul 2016
Baptized by the sun
Oak and pine
Out of time. Words do come.
Color through the line
Who put it there after all?

Meet new yous
All along the way
Figure out how to lose
And what to say
To the lions in your head.

These are all the things I've never said.
Jun 2016 · 250
Who is she? The reason
Ann Beaver Jun 2016
You are the light
The blood
The reason I fight
You are gold
In the center of the sun

You are water
Through my fingers
In my fingers
Something that doesn't quite linger

You are the reason I live
And the reason I die.
May 2016 · 403
Ann Beaver May 2016
Try to be strong
Stare down the road
Think about how long
It takes to take a step,
To hear your song.

How long I've slept
Under this invisibility
Close then open
This is life is just coping
May 2016 · 309
Ann Beaver May 2016
Unearthing boxes
Within boxes
Constant discovery
Of a darker darkness

Constant recovery
From traps
I never meant to set out
What did you expect
From this profound pit?
Is it still treasure
If you don't have to dig for it?
May 2016 · 340
Ann Beaver May 2016
Words' palm to push you
Out of reach

Sew my lips
To keep the words
From escaping
From covering
The space between your fingers
And mine.


Pain has spit
One final revenge
Choose to shroud
Choose to hide
Choose the needle
And the thread
Sew everything shut
Go ahead
Feb 2016 · 223
Ann Beaver Feb 2016
"Be more likable
Easier to work with"
Sink your claws in
The gray
Hold on
Hold up
You always said
The gold never does stay
Feb 2016 · 681
Ann Beaver Feb 2016
I wanted to say
To scream
To love
And never leave

A little bourbon
Velvet curtain

Crawl along
Say things you don't mean
A voice unseen

Wolves hunt in packs
I wanted to say
I wanted to stay
I wanted to stand
To go
Headed toward the sand
Course correct
Now I'm crashing on land
Jan 2016 · 659
Call the doctor
Ann Beaver Jan 2016
"Things haven't been the same."
Years of dead flowers,
Of looking away,
Of tear stained pillows
Yearning living may
Just be the death of me
I could see if she let me
You could be if you let you
Let me down easy
Let me down slowly
I'd watch you go
Just to imagine you

Dec 2015 · 329
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
Run away with you
To you
Through you
I'm invisible

Down a tunnel
Light as a feather
But, oh, you stick to me so
Think about whether
You could love me as
I do
The gold of every sunrise
The reason I live
And the reason I die
Dec 2015 · 241
small talk
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
Sit here a second
Just in time
put him to bed
With a rhyme.
Silence is all thats ever said
I think about asking
But think about pain instead.
This needs work or talent. Or both.
Dec 2015 · 418
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
Beat the drum
Fall into place
Whenever you're ready.
Trip on a pen
Land through a spear
I wasted my youth
Chasing the near
In this bathtub

Stand again.

Wanting to live
For paint that never stays
For not knowing the path
But going anyways
Dec 2015 · 337
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
Fear radiates lackluster
And holds my hand
Instead of you
You - damage,
A heatwave.
Your bones. A feather.
Kind and savage
A severed tether.
Dec 2015 · 278
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
Stop sign
Blink red and gone
Speed past. All in
The heat of a song
Balanced. Calling,
am I blind
Or is this good?
Stop sign
Is the mood.
Dec 2015 · 242
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
White wisp fabric
Like steam
Weaves patterns
In and out
A reminder of you
Like starlight
But sadder
Dec 2015 · 300
Words and days
Ann Beaver Dec 2015
When you can't see clearly,
look harder
Through the pebbles and stones
Of sentences
Do you find nails and glass?

Are days all clones
Some simple

Nov 2015 · 537
Long night
Ann Beaver Nov 2015
I wait
In the lilies for you.
Counting every breath
And every petal
That falls.
Finding something that solves
These wolves you face.

Whiskey and lace
Placed careful in my life.
Stray hair. A knife.
A long night saying no
If you know what's best,
You'll just run. You'll just go.
Oct 2015 · 487
Ann Beaver Oct 2015
Distracted by the heat
From my eye
That's the only way
To touch you;
Because you are a candle flame
Scars don't mean the same
when they are made by you
past the fence
I thought it was greener
It reminds me of him,
Only meaner.
Oct 2015 · 344
Ann Beaver Oct 2015
Cut down the words
I'm never shocked.
I just pretend.
As I long to be
As stoic as a cherry tree

If I stop
Will my heart keep going?
Oct 2015 · 272
Ann Beaver Oct 2015
Dead rat
Wire rim
Push the lace
At your best pace
A smile
Sep 2015 · 547
Ann Beaver Sep 2015
Stay calm.
Mold yourself,
Shape the edges,
So maybe you'll fit with this one.
Take the safety of this gun
So I graze your shoulder
Like your bullet
Grazed my heart.

There will be more beauty
There's always moonlight

So far from a shore I can see.
So far from a you and a me.
Aug 2015 · 396
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
The water in the sea
In my eyes
Stinging but clear
Maybe you were the first and last
To see me
As I am
To race me down the beach
The first and last
I would have run to
I would have wrapped
My life around.
Stinging but clear,
It was always you, my dear
Aug 2015 · 699
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Life a shell
Of what it wants to be
It's too late now
It's gone, I can't see.

Sand is slippery like that
Through a tremor
Of an hourglass
Through a trigger
Of a memory, passed

Repeat on cue:
One more day
Then after two
I can't stay
Aug 2015 · 914
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Walk the edge
A tightrope.
Building to building
Moment to moment
Pen to paper

Commit me to forgetting
Forcing is the the same as letting
Last time I checked
You were some gold flecked
And together
We staggered down the tightrope

This all was a way to hope
Melted candle now.
Aug 2015 · 733
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Hope to be the dancer
Bag of meat
What's the difference?

Keep up this charade
Tell your secrets
Say you're naked
When you're nothing
Without whatever
Belongs below the waist
The waste
The taste of nothing
Is so loud.
Aug 2015 · 224
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Blood and blade.
Rise above.
Could you quit,
If it felt like love?
Forever will I sit-
empty glass,
Fingers old.

Bold passions never sit
Could you quit,
If it felt like love?
Aug 2015 · 711
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Black mud

It was the scars
That gave it away

Call out into the storm
Hear the wind scream
Over and over ask
Is this real or is this a dream
Throw metal around
(It's comforting for a second)
Turn up the sound

So you can't hear
Death coming
Aug 2015 · 230
Synopsis 2
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
The flavor of this place
Is choking rancid
Back of the throat
It crashes

Stitch your lips together,
Remain here,
Forgotten by the feather
Of a flock
Now sitting on kitchen tables,
no longer together
Were they ever?

And never
Has there been a moon
I didn't wish to share

With you
Aug 2015 · 190
Ann Beaver Aug 2015
Splinters in the stone
Passed a tree
Now gone and gray
Some may say
It's not personal

Sublime days:
Colored red,
Smelling of nothing,
And feeling like even less.
Jul 2015 · 699
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
My days are now
One more thing to bear
My skin is now
Just a dare
And I feel your lungs
Press into a simple math problem
With twos and ones
And zeros
Jul 2015 · 358
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
Go to write.
Turn slowly. Then quick.
As the switch turns itself
Pause. Click
Tying a noose to the other end
Jul 2015 · 624
Because I cannot
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
Does she know
about me

And invisible pleas
Slither into the universe
Across the sea

Telling her
To hold you for me.
Jul 2015 · 360
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
Things echo
But never stick
Too loud,
A trick.  

Teflon pan
Scraped the surface

A sickness
I can hardly stand
Jul 2015 · 675
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
There is a shadow
Watch it on the wall,
wonder how it lives
and if it dies.
How it stutters
And how it lies

There is a light
Dancing on the surface
Watch it like I watch you
Enchanting and far away
Memorize the reflection
The refraction

As it creates a shadow
Jul 2015 · 536
Or our
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
You don't need a brief.
Briefly let me like it
as our,
Words slip around
Or sound
Just briefly
As our's instead of your's
This is for Brian
Jul 2015 · 332
This Character
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
Wheels turn over
Sand spinning
Spitting out the waves
Try to do it as yourself
But must have forgot

it's typical
Jul 2015 · 648
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
There was half of me
That forgot
The part that remember
Long had been severed
Listening for a knock

You. That face.
A wonderful clock
My eyes leap forward
Longing for the details

Longing to remember
How you once laughed.
Jul 2015 · 641
Ann Beaver Jul 2015
You were three seconds
Too short. Come by
And spread the blanket
Across a sea and bay
with me here.
And how I long to know
Your fingertips
And how I search glances
With glances.
The last after the last
Clear the splinters from the blast
Jun 2015 · 269
Ann Beaver Jun 2015
I haven't been alone
If I stop running
I'll never start again
The little piece of metal
I can never quite shake
Wrap around my finger
Oh how you linger
Like a life never the same again
Dreams shouting in the distance
Seem so silly now
May 2015 · 303
Ann Beaver May 2015
Raked across the coals
burning never gets old
Bold brains once fresh
Now rot in wires
Tied knot
Sets fire
Fried the ends of this friendship
As a tragic paintbrush
Hits the road
May 2015 · 411
Ann Beaver May 2015
This place carves you out
Become hallow
Things have gone
To another way
In another plane
Fly high over all this
Go back to a time
Just breath if you understand
May 2015 · 192
Ann Beaver May 2015
Cure me
Just Meat
meets a lover
Seen bright stars like them
Fall to the ground like them
Dissolve into the earth like them
Hold to skin
It makes a mark
Hold to eyes
See it stark
Hold to heart
It all goes dark

Even nothing is something
May 2015 · 282
Ann Beaver May 2015
Cut things in half
Or at least I try
Do all math
Things add up
But you just get by
May 2015 · 255
Tragic Word
Ann Beaver May 2015
Can you tell I'm nervous
Put a glaze over it in an oven
Hot like Saturday nights I never had
With a girl I never met
Friend is such a tragic word
Would you bet
That I run away every time
Here and there
I make this rhyme
So maybe you'll listen
Apr 2015 · 274
Ann Beaver Apr 2015
You're alone sailing
Sea shimmers
Limbs flailing
Some things never change.
You climb the walls
Of a gun range
Bullets like words
Fly at you

Like birds
Apr 2015 · 300
Ann Beaver Apr 2015
A single slight curl,
A memory seed-
Like sand in a pearl

the needle goes through
The thought of you
Now gathering a luster
Then and now I wonder
If I have the muster
If I have the sand
If I have a hand
Everything is gone
Mar 2015 · 256
Ann Beaver Mar 2015
Gray dust
And I
Have left you behind.

The only thing I've ever wanted to know
You: the blood and the blade.
You: the only gold to have stayed.

I sail into the moon
Was it ever too soon
To take your hand
Mar 2015 · 280
Ann Beaver Mar 2015
Signed on for the strong game
But under some different name
And with a mask on:
Looking like
The person you are in your dreams.

Oh such long nights
And fits and fights
Spitting sour lights
Into my eyes
So I can see more clearly.
I push away those whims
To hold you dearly
But I can still feel the heat of your hand
That I almost reached out for.
Mar 2015 · 348
Ann Beaver Mar 2015
Send a smile
A nod in an envelop
The stitches of a hand
To needle you together

And ears can see clearly
What others do not
So give me that
to pull
Give me your hand
To push
Through the everything
Mar 2015 · 299
Ann Beaver Mar 2015
Drown with silence
Evaporate with salt
I'll repeat. I'll repeat:
It's not your fault.

Leaning into black
I'll watch you dance
You'll repeat. You'll repeat:
You missed this chance.

Reach for reasons
Branches too high
Sift with memories
He'll repeat. He'll repeat:
Your life is a lie.
Feb 2015 · 399
A matter of perching
Ann Beaver Feb 2015
Whiskey glass perched

Bird in a cage

A puppet,
dying on stage.
Rage around town
Like him or her
Or them
Men scrape the side
And hide
behind cold eyes
And a whiskey glass
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