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Oct 12 · 969
Angela Raven Oct 12
Tears flowing,

Breaking down.

Lips blowing,

As she frown.

“Am I worth it?”,

Questions asked.

“Yes, you are”,

A million times.

Oh, stop crying,

“Smile a lot, darling.”

I know it’s hurting,

But never stop fighting.
I was broken.
Mar 14 · 190
Let's do it
Angela Raven Mar 14
Hold my hands when we walk beside the river
Make me happy and make my life shiver
Say that i'm more than just your mother's figure
And love me the way the bee loves the flower

Wake up every morning thinking about our future
Think of something that could last our love forever
That even the darkness wouldn't try to endure
Cause this love we have for each other has more power
Nov 2018 · 233
Old me
Angela Raven Nov 2018
A wanderer lost in a dream
Faced jeopardy as the world spin
Looks like a damsel in distress
Needing love, not wanting any less.
Nov 2018 · 105
Angela Raven Nov 2018
I always wonder
If home's a place or other
Then, so I wander.

Home is a breather,
Living, a lost wanderer,
A God's creature.

Not a house to call,
Not just roof and not just wall,
Not a place to fall.

Then something happened
The home I call, also end
I searched once again.

Cause I never knew
That a pen and a paper,
Can be a home too.
Home is something you find safety and comfort.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
Cheryl Blossom (riverdale)
Angela Raven Nov 2018
A deviant, they call
With loveless heart and soul
A monster for all

Made of stone cold ice
Not trying to be nice
For goodness, pain's hide

She's no bad woman
The goodness sees by no one
But truth hides, everyone

She may look princess
Wearing beautiful dresses
In her big closets

But she's full heartaches
Born to be just a madness
Damsel in distress

Its just her past
That made her demons all last
And her goodness, cast

Cause deep inside her
Is a loving grand daughter
To her grandmother
Nov 2018 · 166
My Haiku
Angela Raven Nov 2018
Poets makes poems
Using pens, using papers,
Using broken parts

Some say it is bad
To write memories that's sad,
Memories they've had

But that is their way
To take the heartaches away,
To survive all day.
Nov 2018 · 821
Not your business
Angela Raven Nov 2018
Damsel in distress
You have known me
To be a princess
I don't want to be.
I can manage my demons.
Nov 2018 · 156
Second Chance
Angela Raven Nov 2018
If you still want to give it a try
Do not vacillate too come by
Cause it's a great relish to have you
I'm just waiting for you to come through.
Everyone deserves a second chance.

— The End —