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Angela Okoduwa Apr 2018
What if I want out,
Will you punish me?
What if I can't give back,
Will you hate me?
What if I don't feel the same way?
Will you shut me out?
What if I can't hold on,
Will you desert me?
What if my heart beats for another?
Will you rip it out?
A line in friendship is crossed,
Feelings surface
But most are better off
Friends than lovers
What if
What if
What if
You just pulled the plug to our friendship.
Angela Okoduwa Apr 2018
So valuable, yet full of thorns
He wants it,
But can't stand the prickling.
"All my fingers keep bleeding!
Oh the scars! I can take no more!" Laments he.

Almost of lesser value, sits on a pond's surface.
"Yeah, that will do!" Says he.
"At least I can say I've me a flower.
It might not be worth it, but it will do just fine."

But a frog is perched on it
He's willing to unsit that cursed amphibian,
To get to that vain Lily
Which has no worth
Compared to the Rose,
Simply 'cause it stings not.

Mother nature sighs after watching awhile
"Good things never come easy."
Mutters she.
"One who's deserving of the Rose
Is surely nigh!"

And with time, blossomed did the Rose,
Whilst the Lily withered.
When a lover settles for whom is lesser in all aspects in comparison to his former partner
Angela Okoduwa Mar 2018
I thought breaking up was difficult,
But staying friends was like impaling the heart.
You get to see the smile you are no longer responsible for,
You get to endure when the new lover calls
Cuz you don't have a say no more.
You die gradually within till you wanna scream
Punch the wall
Or pull at your hair,
You shed tears when their backs are turned
You wish you could have made things better
What you wouldn't give for a second chance
Even though you were not one at fault,
Deep within you, you wish they'll just be yours once again,
But some things just seem impossible to reverse.
Staying friends is just a gradual process
Of breaking your heart all over again
And it hurts more than the initial breakup!
Angela Okoduwa Mar 2018
Time to put on my aprons,
Take my dusting brush and begin a clean sweep.
Time to scour the cobwebs off the walls and ceilings,
Time to clean out the chimney and fireplace,
Time to open the shutters and let in the scent of sweet blossoming flowers,
Time to dance around the green field with the embracing wind
Time to inhale the permeating scent of ripening apples!
Time to let go of all the hurt,
Dry my tears and be merry
Time to move on
And learn to LOVE again
Why not enjoy the Spring
And skip happily on the dew-covered grass every morning?
I'm alive, so is now the heart you broke!
Angela Okoduwa Mar 2018
I keep digging
But whatever I'm seeking
Seems to elude the sharp edge of my groping shovel
All I need is that "tonk" that I have hit something,
I eye the mountain of dug-up dirt
My sweat-kissed brow
The hot unpleasant air on my cheeks
Out alone in the sterile field
Only the sun sinking in the horizon
I bend again with both tired arms
I dig, dig, dig, dig
What do I seek?
The trust you shattered
When you began to please another at my detriment
The fragments are sharp and dangerous
They hurt now while in pieces
I had to bury them
Dig, dig, dig
"Tonk" finally!
All I can exhume
Is its carcass
It's dead
Unable to be revived.
I give up
I toss the shovel away
I turn and I take the goodbye walk.
(Slaam) when you try to rekindle love and trust for someone but still have a feeling the war is not over yet.
Angela Okoduwa Jun 2017
That feeling
When you love someone
But think it's safer
If they know not how
You feel
Because some people
Are better off
As friends
Than lovers.
Angela Okoduwa Mar 2017
Did you notice?
That sensual touches differ?
There are some people you just don't get over
No matter how much you try.

That even while making love with someone else,
All you have in your head
Is their passionate memories and images.
Worry not!
You aren't crazy.

It only means two things
Either only he/she understood your body better
Or you still just love them
Despite their flaws.
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