Angel Moore Aug 2013

Look around and see, a lot of big topics:
Mostly media nonsense and a global no-fix.

Front Line.
"Natural" disasters

Government Theories.
Political conspiracy, you'll see.

We all claim to want "CHANGE"
For what?
10 Lanes, bigger planes, sky trains?

Is this the change you all are waiting for?
Hoping for?
Killing for?
Dying for.
This change has knocked us down to the floor.

It's sad but it's true
my buddy in Garfield said "Come Through,
meet me at the corner store
Angel, I need to tell you more."

He says, "The struggle is real,
the pain I feel
IT consumes us daily.
Lets all get away from this, maybe."

Even the girls in County
are all standing strong.
Saying, "What we did was wrong."

"I don't do things, I've done things."
Says one girl quietly.
21 years old,
lived her whole life in sobriety.

Tears in her eyes, twinkling
"I want change, we all do.
We see the change in you.
We hope you see it too."

Angel Moore Jul 2013

All my numbers are aligned.
We make taco runs in the ghetto by that Elmood sign.
Drive an hour, love for three
You wouldn't believe it
if you where there with me.

Jealousy comes in like an X on an 18.
Waste of time, energy and emotional fiend.

He never stays this way long.
11 minuites at best.
Can't wait to be somewhere.
Get some fucking rest.

New day. Woken by the happy kisses of a giant rotwieller.
Something sad in me made the love pour outta her.
She wants me here.
They both do.
I want them too.
I want something new.

Saw u today.
U told me u hated me.
Told me u all do.
What do u want me to say to you?
Blame me. Didn't even say hey to me.
Someone should blame me
since I know better than to now.
Its not about me.
I just want you to HEAR me.
But how?
I'm better off how I am now
you'll see

I wish I could tell you I love you, dad
don't yell at me, dad
I've never done anything to you, dad
Stop screaming. Don't push me.
I won't push back.
Theres That struggle again.
Somewhere between agape and justice.

Neon Cathedrials guide my way from city to street.
The home is real. Find it for me.
Create it if need be.

Macklemore says the licqor store stays open later than the churches and damn
Ain't that the truth.
Someone save me, help me, anymore I've got nothing to lose.

Staying with old friends,
Some good
Some bad
All stuggling.
That struggle is sad.
All around us.
You and I.
You find that beauty. You stay #skyhigh.

And as I sit here. Tear stained, hungry and bruised...
I feel hopeful
Not used.

I can be better.
Came out of your shadow brighter.
How much more will love endure?

It was always too dark through childhood to see too clear.
Just maybe
We are all to blame.
Save me.

You know what else
Someone once said.
"Fathers be good to your daughters. Daughters will love like you do"
You remember that guy?
Yeah, me too.

Angel Moore Jul 2013
unwanted america.
Inspired by the sights and sounds of Akron, Ohio, as well as the headphone medication by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Thank you.
Angel Moore Jul 2013

If the "Twinflame", or what is better known as the "Soul Mate Theory" rings any truth,
then I believe I have felt this, even within my own disarray of natural human emotion and connections.

The "Love" emotion, in particular, defines the world "Soul Mate" to its truest definition, without question.

I'm a true believer that I have/had or maybe still will encounter this sort of spirit and that any lifetime spent with such a kind soul was a lifetime of riches and happiness beyond what anything mad-made could deliver.

I hope when we do find these people we let them them know and I hope they recognize this sort of bond as the most infinate form of respect and compliment.

I never imagined my story being a love story, but if I prove to be, not as smart as I feel, that is a flaw I would endure in every lifetime, just for the benifit of Love and Friendship.

When "THEY" say, you must love yourself, before you can love another,  I like to quote Oscar Wilde, who said
"To love thyself is the beginning of a lifelong romance."

Take careful consideration to this.
When you get to know yourself
and I mean, REALLY get to know yourself.
You learn not only your darkest fears, but you learn your most powerful comforts.

You literally create a world that only exists from within.
You are learning and loving yourself into an "inner beauty" so fascinating that modern "entertainments" become nothing more than mere distraction.

You become your own best friend.
This is the goal and perhaps the key to life.

You can be homeless, unwanted, and completley alone in the world (or so it feels in dark hours) and still have a place to run to, when you close your eyes, you're already rich.

Now add another person.
Who can compete with yourself and know your every move.
Every thought.
Every intention.
Every guilty pleasure.
Imagine someone else, who knows you in such a way.
What a concept.

Its real. You just have to be patient. Take the time to love yourself.

I'm not there, but I have an adventure of a lifetime awaiting me. How could I ever fear life, when life can be so beautiful.

With this other can see them, touch them.
Conversate with them.
Educate, learn and lean on them.
You will never find that, until you know what you are looking for.
Angel Moore Jul 2013

Sent you a text

911, distress

You said “OMW Bae”

You never hestiate,


You say what you need to say, Bae.

Cry if you need

Talk if you please

Bae, I’m always here

When you need

The smoke rises

Twirls and twists

So nice to use your lungs

And not your fists

The smoke rises

Twists and twirls

Whirls and swirls

I know you can’t be like this

With other girls.

Watch the clouds roll,

Paint dry, time flies.

Talk to me baby,

Don’t let the night lie.

The colors in the sky,

Watch em light up,

We drive by.

They seem

Close enough to tough

Bae, I feel I can fly

At least I know

That we can try.





Blunt supplies

We never argue baby,

Tell no lies.

Sparked up

Neck tilted

Mind jaded

Bodies molded

Mostly naked,


This rhymes.
Angel Moore Jul 2013

Sharp pictures.
Sparkling nights.
  Late night caps.
   Silent conversation.

The night was quiet
The only music present
Was to synchronize the lightening bugs heaven.

The lake to the front,
The trees to the back.
Forested by a dark blue canopy.

That song was undefined.
The kiss, without time.
The night comes alive,
At the sound of your voice.

Fireflies shimmered
as if chatting back,
Answering every hesitated question.
The dark veil of tangled hair
and long eyelashes, hide your emotion.

Roll the window down,
But don’t make a sound.
Feel the July all around you.

Hear the distant
Booms in the sky.
We don’t even need to see them.

Your silence alone is so beautiful,
Every humming has a tempo.

That old house was still and full of mystery.
The road long, winding and seemingly

The legends are enough
To satisfy our urban curiosity.
Keep driving.
Keep me safe.

Just one last stop,
Don’t turn around.
Remember when we played around,
right here in this place?
It seems haunted with happier times.

Ominous and unwelcoming.
Yet we lay together,
breathing intertwined.
Hardly speaking.

With black eyes,
You kiss as if you know every mood
And you kiss as if you know every move.

It’s time. 11:11 again.
Time to make that wish.
If it never could form with word or thought…
Does it even exist?

It’s time to go back.
This place is drowning.
Text me goodnight, like you always do.
Keep me from frowning,
Like you always do.

I feel safe just to read those letters.
I can’t ever say thank you
For making my days better.
Infinite summer and sparkling nights.


Angel Moore May 2013

HE said to write
{read my wordfs} dont be scared.
your m.ind will fill in the blanks

caps lock willl destroy. your muind.

....your story begins now.

Dont be afraid and read the wLls./
find a quiet place.
find a song.
feel it. taste iut. create a song......                                                       ­   

chapter two.
i went to pee...
      you came to me,
found me in a dark room....posted.      I cant read this he said disappoinbted. :( keep trying :)))

{hey there friendship, lets have a heart to heart....walk outside for chapter two..... i'll be there in the night. In the quiet. silence.

phone is dead :(((( who cares! party in the basement.

can you read this yet???
tgake me on a messy date.
i want to play in the sunshoine. heal my /adhd please
                                                   ((((adivan is gone :( who steals from a friend???

/where did Noelle leave her pants anyway

((((( chaptep two.
quit your mind. listen to the music..shhhhhhh////
read tyhisd 6omorrow...
caps lock are evilsssss.........
listenm tp the robots 2013......

find me in the dark writing rymes. changing soings. creating. , , , ,
authors. intillects.

cults are bad!!!!!!!! god is love. dont do drugs and go on adventires.

read the bible everyday. silence your heart. take a deep breath. no one cares. they will foind you again.

dont be scared...

quiet moments are the best. where did i put my cigarettes.                                  to be conyinued.
edit or no>>>>

bring back indie bands. then they become mainstream you know :( sad hipsters.
i just wanna play.
no one gets me.

pep talks and shit.
partys downstairs.
find me later when they go to bed.

go play.

you have nothing to do tomorrow.
its only 11????? i like numbers. i hate math.

i have to pee still.

waiting. who cares. go to sleep. i'll stay up all night and write poems...

i sleep in tuckers room when heres not here. i miss him so bad sometimes. i wonder what 6 year olds dream about, you know?

this is gunna be EPICCCC!!!! sermon on the becontinued. tweet me clues from the front porch.

i'lll be quiet. my phones dead anyway. oh well. phones are bad.

wheres the bathroom?

oh yeah. chapter two.
how long can i write this poem before they try and find me.

          the basement is to farrrr.....cigarettes on the front po

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