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Andrew 3d
Of all the possible infinities
I melt beneath your stabilities
The stars and more
Like leaves in fall like
Shorter days and sleep
I know the cough of love
Sick and resilient
Your weaker sides
Aspen, juniper cedar.
Andrew 4d
And I feel like I can finally sleep again
And I thank you for that.
Andrew 4d
Hide all the cords;
Autumn has gone
And winter creeps in
Not yet
I say though
Go deep
In to place
Andrew 4d
There she was
Beneath the ash tree
Wearing many seasons
Long sweep of her dress
Fire gold
In the dawn light
With the sun hidden
Behind the mountain
Burning. The leaves
Caught in the frozen air
Full of frost
And yearning. Her hair
Was red her eyes gray
And morning was just beginning
My eyes sliding down my nose
Caught off guard
Andrew Oct 9
Wet and damp
Are the leaves
Beneath the autumn moon
Hanging on
So carelessly
Free of fear
Full of frost.
Andrew Oct 6
Moon like dragon eye
A dull yellowish red
Moon half full above
The distant mountain
Moving ever so slightly
Pulling the soft roots of
My mind, those in between
Thoughts, down. Moon of
Midnight's horizon
In the middle of autumn
Moon that breathes not
Fire but frost, tugging
Off the leaves one by one
Keeping in tow
With the memory of
When everything was one.
Moon of want and moon
Of waiting, moon of fear
And moon of relief.
Reflection and folly
Restless yet calm.
Andrew Oct 4
In my head between the mountains
And the plains, those flowers
Of autumn how they hang on
Loosely like a tired mind
Grip onto the gravity of dieing
Yellow, purple and orange
Fall off the stem like a dream
Full of nervous repetition
Sun and moon and stars
Off onto the horizin slowly
To the east or west I don't know
Marching onward with heads hung low, so low the clouds become mist
Among the rivers of dawn
What have we forgotten to remember
Is love's ultimate struggle death. The sweet smell of frost the cold wind
Of change blowing against the mind
Like the shore at high tide. We have time we have no time. The low clouds
Are clear winter is upon us
Grinning quietly, anxiously.
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