Andrew Oct 9
Beneath the stars
The desert stretches
Its dusty mountains
A coyote howls.
Beneath the dirt
The flowers stir
Like measured whispers
To a lover.
The owl flies away silently
Leaving drops of blood
On the stones.
Soon the moon will rise
Like heartbeats.
All those hidden thoughts of mine.
Andrew Sep 30
What i seek the *****
the desert's way
of saying
I will show you the mountain
The moon. I will take you
Away from morning
from love the constant
thought of snakes
of stars
Andrew Sep 12
It feels good to be on the ground,
doesn't it? Laughing in the sunshine,
crying in the rain. What a feeling to
have, what a wave to ride. And all the
stars and all the minds and every single moment and more. Mountains crumbling and the river long gliding off into the ocean, again. The sound of thunder a flower in spring and all the dew, I never knew, of just how great it is to be alive until the moment I met you.
Andrew Sep 2
When you look at him in the face
You can see yourself, a horizon
Of broken mountains. His eyes
The stars, they offer no solace
To the long dark nights. His smile
The sunset, it’s a million miles
Andrew Sep 1
When the last vision is lost
And the moon rises over the red mountains
Does the soul crawl forth and walk again?
The only angels, buzzards riding on thermals
Greet the flesh with hunger. And what
heart opens to see the beauty of love
Of compassion? The perpetual expanse
Of stars above, the great unfolding.
Andrew Aug 29
The air was thin and blue
When I saw you, down by the shore
Out among the dunes. The summer
Dream was all but dead, and all the
Foolish knew that love was all but over.
Yet I found you, scattered like the
Shells, smitten with rage. Those
Green eyes, those sad inlets, ebbing
And flowing like breath. The rest
My dear forget about soon,
the wind will be sour, the waves
Strong. We have only
The dark pine left to hide.
Written from my time living on the outer banks of North Carolina.
Andrew Aug 28
Riding on the. Bus in the rain
.up the tormented hill
In August. The people leaves. I'm
Leaving For the coast
Playing with my thoughts
With a. Stick. A lighted candle
Through the battered night. i go
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