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Andrew Dec 2010
the price you pay
for kindness
is costly, but
your highness
has all the patience at disposal.
in kind he pays at his proposal.

the sacrifice undying
yields truth, but what i'm buying
is patience more to pay
for smiles day to day.

the smiles have been paid for.
your patience is your labor,
and all that you have cherished
is worth the scene embarrassed.

for sacrifice is needed
to see your words are heeded,
and silence for those years,
was worth to quell her fears.
July 2008
Andrew Nov 2010
I held your hand last night in
dream. Your humble clutch I
found was soothing to my skin,
was soothing to my touch.

I sewed my hand last night to
keep it snug with yours so
when I woke from dreaming,
I'd lessen my remorse.

Thus sewed, your fingers keep me
ever in your hands, and
thus in dreams I'll keep you
much closer than a glance.

My dreams are sadly finite,
trapped by my own hope, so
when you laugh or speak my
heart can barely cope.

I turn my head and grin, for
I have found life's haunt:
in my dreams we're one, but
real life stays a taunt.
November 2010
Andrew Oct 2010
Your relationship's a trap,
Like sand your quick foots gripped,
Like chains delaying freedom
That hold you to your crypt.

Or at least I think it shall,
If careful steps ar'n't ta'en,
Like a lion in a cage
That you right now are ma'in'.

And make it you must soon,
For feelings forced to wait
Become immersed in fear
With nerves that ants inflate

Antsy is the grin
That dawdles with the heart.
You'll sabotage your options
Before you even start.

So make your choice in haste,
Despite your drowned dismay.
To settle for this trap
Or trap yourself your way?

Again the choice is yours
To make or disregard,
But know this, future me:
Happiness is hard.
October 2010
Andrew Oct 2010
The Doctor named Seuss was such a great man.
He wrote words so deftly like few others can.
In fact, to this day we honor his rhyme,
Or, I do, at least, to waste all my time.

It's odd how with frequence I get up the urge
To write tiny ditties: a poetry surge.
I'm volted to pen any number of things,
Shocking, to me, like a staticky sting.

Whenever I am s'posed to be working,
I notice that my duties I'm shirking.
Perhaps without pressure my mind is more fun,
But by the same token, I get nothing done.

Maybe I study so well that it spills
Onto my other thinking-type skills.
My mind works so hard that it often requires
More wood to fuel my thinking cap's fires.

Anyways, I'm probably ******* for my test.
I wish I could say that I studied my best,
But honesty stabs me for truth til I'm ******:
The truth is that I fail when I "study."
October 1, 2010
Andrew Sep 2010
Like sinews and sutures,
Our bodies interlock,
Separated only by our breath.

Softer skin would be a liquid,
and softer eyes would be transparent.
A softer smile would be a kiss,
experienced by sight.

An arm, a clutch, your fingers crossed,
with words I lie here as I lay.
And in our words are we so lost,
but "we" is how we'll find our way.

A forest waiting to be cleared,
Impending doom for innocence,
Our kisses and our thoughts appear
Already dying, in a sense.

But senses don't deceive themselves,
Like light which yonder breaks.
Morning brings me mild mourning:
It's you the daytime takes.

So stay in spirit, tangled one,
Or overstay your stay.
And no more mourning will be found,
If we have our way.
September 2010
Andrew Aug 2010
Locks for locks
and chicken pox,
a childish fit
for childish thoughts

Left for dead
left, right, red,
confused with age
but young in head

Youth will yield to age.
Truth will tell all rage,
hidden in a heart,
hidden in your art.

Expressed without much thought,
emotion caught off guard.
Perhaps your mask needs healing,
facades that must be peeling.

And still I'm feeling lost
Myself, my own, my frost
My cold demeanor falls.
They say, "Just grow some *****."

For gender dictates most,
and blenders will play host
to mixing and to matching
pretending I am acting,
pretending I exist.
Written in red ink, so it's supposed be "read in red," if you will...
Andrew Aug 2010
A picture won't do justice,
For beauty is in motion.
Those thousand words are useless.
They don't denote devotion.

My rhymes and schemes may capture
A sliver of a moment,
While blinks of yours enrapture
And hold me without comment.

For words and verse are nothing
Compared to feelings fleet,
And just blinking's what I need
From you to be complete.
August 2010
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