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Andrew molder Dec 2022
Ocean dye so blue white flower print dress,
It half pass two, a hey from you
This is my rendu,  her beauty so artistic
Ocean dye so blue, white flower print dress
Ocean dye jazz blue, white flower name bess,
With a I do, how did you knew
Ocean dye so blue white flower print dress
It half pass two, hey from you
Andrew molder Apr 2022
Pain in My head
Pain in my heart
Where do I go
Where do I start
Well I'll tell you it's in dark
Sufficient in the fours wall
Where the demons crawl
And where the devils talk
Pain killers not do nothing to me
Dr ordered **** what they mean
Andrew molder Apr 2022
Sitting here in the darkness trying to scream in a atlas. Pen with no pad is penless.  Cut my wirst so deep call it witness.  Let me scream till I bleed out please beacuse I can hardly take it.
Cocain in my system i I don't take it
Codeine in my system I don't take it
I stay down true
I don't ride rule
I'll always be true to you
Andrew molder Apr 2022
Let the thunderstorm scream
It's just wants to be free
Let the black bird sing
It just wants to have a voice you can freel

Storm sirens sings
While the tornado screams

Rain pours down
To make the pain river peal
Andrew molder Nov 2016
Dark in the darkest of the darknees
  echo-  I can't sleep At night  
  she Comforts me with her poison
  Echo-I loved you---edit
  That's why you and 1 drowned
  echo- this Battle Ever end
  scream im screaming im screamlist
  echo- my lungs burning
  you make my life a rollercoaster
  echo - money missing
  the car be swerving
  The hummingbird guiding mewith its light
Andrew molder Oct 2016
darkness keeps roaring
                                                       Its calling my name
Light keeps on flicking
                                                       That's the other way

.                      Trying to find a balance

But That.                      i                      cant understand
Andrew molder Oct 2016
I try to change
But my life is circle
I Go down that road then do a u turn
go back down to my home crawling back up to the surface.
Fall deeper Screaming can any body hear me
Voice aches I just want these changes free
Surround by these demons
I was afraid
But now I call them my friends
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