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Anand Acharya Aug 2015
Empty clarity and me
a hopeless hermit
among tiny misty mountain peak.
Blazing away to careless dances,
raw disillusions
and looking upward, inward, outward.

my thoughts are not mine,
my words are not mine.
Are my smiles real?
or fragments of tear.

why am I with me?
dying but never dead.
created but never awake
Anand Acharya May 2015
words after words after word
I stayed watching.
I wanted her in morsels.
I feared she would perish.
with everything mundane.
Anand Acharya Dec 2014
She sang all night,
The only song she knew.

She sang in silence,
Drawing faces at window.
And when we were in embrace,
Waiting for snow.

The song about flowers.
Song about eyes.
The song about pebbles,
And the paradise.

Every time she sang,
It was a different song.

When her travelling breath
Caught memories
Of long lost love.

When she clasped hands,
Hers upon mine
And walked the spring.

When at dusk,
She left the world
And became her

She sang all night,
The only song she knew.
Anand Acharya Nov 2014
Between half steps,half words
Half thoughts.
When the sun sets

Let me climb the night,
Align  stars
Scribe charcoals around moon.

Create seasons for you.
Catch the leafs of autumn,
shadow between our palm,
And grey voices under snow.
Anand Acharya Nov 2014
We are dreams
waiting to be dreamt
dragging skies to our knees.
The whispers at east of mind
at sunrise and mist.

dangled against wind.

we are smiles
waiting to break.

We are Gods
waiting to be made.
Anand Acharya Sep 2014
Wakeup, look
throw caution in the air.
Stretch, scream, dream
break free off the chair.

Roam, revolt
flash them the finger.
make mistake, navigate
go, get lost and Linger

Cry and smile.
Make love, make hate
get high, beady eyed
look back and regret.

be caged, Enraged
forget, forgive and sleep.
Jump, dive, drown
or swim, breath and Live.
Anand Acharya Sep 2014
Unicorns in the cloud
Pug marks upon sand.
Fleets of paper ships,
Flooding down the drain.

Canvas at the crystal
Wooden swords on grass.
Defense of cardboard castle,
And things that do not last.
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