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Amrit Gill Mar 2012
A moment of silence,

My friend we share

Even though the thoughts may be of despair,

Our brave soldiers, courageous and kind, gave their lives to give us peace of mind.

Sons and daughters, we shall never find

With such dedication towards our mankind

All of the lost ones

Armed with their guns

Fight for our freedom, our honour, our love

The torch of this act they pass down to us

In hopes that we accept it without such a fuss

Remember the soldiers, the brave ones, their hearts

Remember their loved ones, their country, their art

To fight with such passion

For strangers to one

Is embedded in us, as they live in our hearts.

Forever preserved, their memory still

To honour and cherish and keep close to us till

We pass this torch on to those after us

And teach to them too, the deeds of those hearts

The brave ones, the lost ones, the mourned ones still

We keep in our hearts, their memory till

We learn to appreciate all that we gain

And see that it comes from a dark red rain

of innocent blood spilled for our own lives

Of long lost soldiers who have long since died.

Repent for all your words, for come will the day

When you rue every single thing you had to say

For when now it is your turn to stand up now

See if even the slightest head bows

As we remember those soldiers far gone

Who fight for us, die for us every day

Think back and repent child, for come will the day

When nothing but memories come back to stay

Amrit Gill Mar 2012
As the day fades
The raven curtain drops
The darkness spreads across the blackening horizon

Creatures Crawl
From every corner
Exploring the night
Knowing no boundaries

The trees loom, concrete in their tall and intimidating stance
The wolf prowls
The cougar leaps
The moon shines
A beacon of light

But the dark must fade
And the sun must shine
Adventures must cease
Till’ the next moonlight

— The End —