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I wish I had a book
of all the stories
of all my friends
So we could see
what we got up to
on our journey
to journeys end
and into the night we ran, like animals
the lights on our ankles bounding into the half-light
excitement fizzled and cracked in our hair
we ran faster and faster and faster
I saw the edge come into view
in a split second it was right under my feet
I dropped towards the ground
my legs burning into a tightened coil
then shot into the air like a firework, spiralling
we arced our backs towards the moon
then, in that moment,
we hung in the air
I could see the ocean miles below
it was crystal clear
and blue and purple and green
so incredibly massive
a crisp silhouette
black on gold
she turns her head into the bitter wind
her hair turns it's back
the city is sleeping
street lights shimmering
crystal air
she turns away
her fingers touch leather
it's wet
inside the lining is soft
plastic touch
the filter sticks to her lips
golden light
she breathes
chemicals crash
her mouth
her throat
in her eyes
the reflection
a million lights
as she drags on it
it draws on her
just ash
in the wind
once here
then forgotten

I met a girl, one day or night
who taught me how to live
An empty truth, you may observe
I hope you can forgive

She spoke of something more to me,
or so she did perceive
As demons sneer at angel's wings
when tripping on their sleeves

"Where have you been tonight my dear,
I trust you will not lie?
Because lying is a bow my dear,
I trust you cannot tie?"

Lost. I had no argument.
No angle could I find.
No brilliant light bulbs brilliant light.
No swift turn of the mind.

But, amidst my overanxious thoughts,
one detail sharply stood.
Of all my prior misdirections,
this one had to be good.

"I've walked in halls of marbled stone
and well carved wooden walls.
I've talked of nations fighting wars,
and when that they might fall"

"I've conversed the winter weather wild,
heard what spring may bring.
I've bolstered men who'd have fallen down,
sang with women who cannot sing".

"And now you nag nag nag at me,
when all I want is sleep!
Why can't you leave me well alone,
when towards my dreams I creep?"

"Oh! Please do forgive me,
My most almighty Tsar.
But must One sleep with One's head,
still resting on the bar?"
How cruel a thing time is
How it drags us onwards relentlessly, against our will
No respect for our feelings, for what we might want
After all, assuming it's a man made invention
Why can't we decide when to go and when to stop?
When to run and when to walk?
Sometimes I just need a minute to catch my breath
Other times I watch the clock dilly-dally for hours
As it playfully skips from one second to the next
Blissfully unaware of the urgency that surrounds it
Then there are times when I don't just want it to stop
I want it to never have existed
Like when you look in the mirror then ask me if you look okay...
Like when I glance at you while you're reading...
Like when I see you doing anything really
In any given theoretical situation
That is when I want time to just not be
That is when I want time to just not be there
I love you like I love butterflies
But butterflies flying everywhere
....just kidding, I don't even really know what it means
up until now I've only ever really thought of it as
the ugly little sister of movie scenes

don't get me wrong, I've always been fond of words that rhyme
I'll sit and search for similes
sniff out a metaphor from time to time

but in terms of poetry writing, writing poetry I should say
I never know where to start or
what's just ******* or what's okay

so I'm stuck in trial and error, there are no set of rules
It seems I've started building a house
but have yet to acquire the tools

so on I'll feel into the darkness, it really is a sin...
is this poem destined for greatness
or just destined for the bin?!

The time has come
my little cretins,
to go and find a bed
and get in
So be still, be quiet
embrace the night
and for god's sake
don't let those
bed bugs bite


The night has passed
and now it's morning
I'm having breakfast
and still I'm yawning
Pondering the day ahead
and how long 'till I can go
back to bed
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