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paige shiffer Mar 23
making love to the sound of the rain
i am trying to mask this deep pain
this affliction only comes to light when i am
naked in the dim of the night
i do not know why
he makes me feel safe, he makes me cave
but when we **** i can’t tell if i’m sane
i try to stay in the moment but it’s done in vain
when won’t this give me a migraine
when you have complicated trauma
paige shiffer Mar 22
i love being your safe space as much as you are mine
right now it is well past nine
i trace your body as our tongues intertwine
you walk me through and remind me to relax as everything is fine
i have grown to know what you love
my flower in your face as a sensual bass fills this space
i’m holding on tight to you as if you’ll be misplaced
we’re lying here now
****-faced on love
later, i’ll be sending you my devotion on a white paper dove

— The End —