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53.8k · Oct 2013
Amber Oct 2013
She longs for his presence
To be able to hold him in her arms
One more time.
She'll never tell him how she feels
She longs to hear the sound of his voice
The way his hazel eyes brighten up when he talks
About something he loves.
How his smile can make her day
The way he isn't capable of doing simple tricks
Although he has been practicing long enough
She loves everything there is
To love about him
730 · Dec 2013
Bad Habits
Amber Dec 2013
I began thinking of you constantly.
Every little thing reminded me of you.
We shared the same bad habit.
You'd habitually crack your knuckles;
And now, every time I do, I can't help but think of you.
But then I realized,
That's exactly what you were.
Just another bad habit I had to get over.

— The End —