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Alyssa Hannah Sep 2013
When you don’t know what to write but you’re in the mood to do it, sometimes words just come out
It’s  like a dam inside your head has broken and there is no stopping the flow of thought that follows
It may be just one sentence, or maybe an entire verse, or a whole page of nonstop words
But for some reason when you start, stopping is a much harder feat to accomplish
You keep going and going, not quite sure what direction it will take you
But you let the words lead you and eventually you end up somewhere
You just have to hope that somewhere is somewhere good
And that maybe, just maybe you will change something
Change someone, or at least make sense
Because in the case that it doesn’t
What was the point in writing it
The result that you wish for
May or may not come true
But we will never  know
Not until the pen

— The End —