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Alyssa Algorithm Jan 2014
I've called to death a thousand times
And not once has he answered.
His door is locked, his lights are off.
There's no one home in Deaths' house.

I awoke today as usual,
But wishing that I didn't.
I called to Death and he told me
That my life had beauty in it.

I quickly scoffed and brushed it off,
Still longing for life's' end.
Until I heard that singing bird,
and with that my day was brightened.

I still call Death from time to time,
but just to see how he's been.
Sometimes Death even calls to me
But I rarely let him in.
Alyssa Algorithm Oct 2013
What happens when I can't keep going?
My back is bending and bones are breaking
Time is fickle and my body's slowing
So what happens when I can't keep faking ?

I can  only push so hard
Before my breath starts to shorten
My legs start to give out
I can barely support them

For what do I keep on going?
I'm running out of reasons
I guess for now,
I'm better not knowing.
Alyssa Algorithm Feb 2013
I've been trying to get inside
scratching chunks off the surface
never quite able
to find any true purpose.
but my thoughts are concrete
and stay locked in my mind
to build up and break up
everything I see.

I think I'm getting closer
to hearing my own voice.
always watching, never talking
blocking out the noise
And I think maybe it's worth it
To have no real place..

Because at the end of the day
I'm completely unbound,
and I know quite a bit more
that the insiders do.
Alyssa Algorithm Apr 2011
if the stars fell from the sky,I'd stuff them in my pocket
in hopes that you'd take them, in place of my heart.
'cause i left at the bottom, of an old empty bottle.
but it seems to me you've found it and convinced it to restart.
oh my darling, what has happened here?
I don't feel like I'm living whenever you're not near me.
I'd hate to think I need you, but that seems to be the case.
So please do me a favor and never leave this place.

today I'm in love, and I must say I'm terrified,
but I won't let it get me when I've got you by my side.
The stars in yours eyes and the glimmer in your smile,
make the fear worth enduring even if just for a while.
Oh my darling, that smiles what I strive for.
To be the one who brings it, I couldn't ask for more.
you've latched onto my hand and together we'll go,
anywhere but here to pass the time.

we've escaped all the pressure, the fear, and self loathing,
by loving each other and we'll keep on going.
With little to say and so much to lose,
we carry our hearts on a chain.
Oh my darling, let's keep on singing,
you'll be the words and I'll be the feeling.
ours is the song I hear all around me,
so **** the ones who said this love was crazy.
Alyssa Algorithm Mar 2011
I hope you hang from the noose tied around my heart,
to decapitate the monster
that eats at your thoughts;
searching for your weakness
and feeding on your pain,
killing you quickly in this inevitable game.
You roll the dice again,
only to find you'll never win.

Now the tables have turned and I'm back where i started;
dumb and in love,
scarred arms and open hearted.
when I realized the games were over
and everything was real,
i tried desperately to run,
but stayed for the thrill;
expecting you'd leave once you've had your fill.

now I'm happily trapped,
in this game we call love.
i won't try to run or give you away.
you're mine and I'm yours,
and that's how it should be.
we killed the monster and beat the game,
our cynical hearts now one in the same.
Alyssa Algorithm Mar 2011
I once was a girl
With a love all my own,
But i watched it all die
When the monster took over.
Engulfing every bit of me,
Spitting out the remains
All the life that used to be.

Twisted and wicked,
The monster used my shell,
Devouring whoever it pleased
Before devouring myself.
I watched through those eyes
As they all withered away
Before this monster in disguise.

As I watched them all go
My heart was in pieces.
Knowing I was the one
Who unwillingly did this.
No one can stop my monster,
I can't ever be helped.
Alyssa Algorithm Mar 2011
Hi I'm human
And i am just like you.
I crave love, but am blind when i have it
I hate conflict, but my mind is full of it
I'm scared to die, but just as scared to live
The facades you try so hard to maintain
Are whats killing you every day
Every smile and move you make
Trying to conceal the bits you hate
The envy, the rage
The jealousy, the greed
It's what we're all doing

Hi I'm human
And so are you and so is he,
In the end we all want one thing.
We all just want to be set free.

— The End —