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Alys Jun 2010
In sandaled feet we stroll beside the hedgerow
And Satan’s nettle bites with wicked teeth;
But doctor leaf is growing in abundance:
Open all hours to provide relief.

For God created all things bright and wondrous
And took his rest upon the seventh day;
Then evil set to work with Mother Nature
And led the birds and beasts and bugs astray.

The owl and hawk prey upon helpless creatures:
Vole, shrew and rabbit are their daily bread;
While fox sneaks up and steals the farmer’s poultry
And banquets when the farmer’s in his bed.

Way up above our heads in lofty tree tops
A greater crime’s committed than the rest:
The infant cuckoo murders all his siblings,
By pushing eggs and fledglings from the nest.

Survival of the fittest is important
In order for a species to survive;
If only dodos had been more aggressive-
Then those peculiar birds might be alive.
Alys Jun 2010
**** robin wakes and greets the dawn
With high-pitched chittering;
Spindly legs bear his stout form
Across the frozen terrain;
Icy breezes ruffle rosy breast,
Blood red against the charcoal soil
And sugar-frosted shrubs;
He spies a lardy oasis
Strung from a barren branch
And breaks the night’s fast
With ravenous peck.
Close by, spider, aroused,
Dazzled by its diamond-studded abode,
Unfurls its legs to investigate
The solitude of its frozen labour.
Gazing down upon the scene,
The hazy moon,
Sickle of silver smudged
On sapphire sky,
Prepares to renounce its sentry duty
To the sun,
The glowing amber orb
On the horizon;
And so to bed Jack Frost,
Your toil is done.
Alys Jun 2010
Fisher sits; watches; waits;
Still as statue, the king;
Fish spied:
He dives.
Alys Jun 2010
To write
Is to speak
Without lips;

To speak
Is to sing
Without tunes;

To read
Is to hear
Without ears;

To hear
Is to listen
Without thoughts;

To walk
Is to dance
Without music;

To dance
Is to write
Without words.
Alys Jun 2010
Vanessa stayed at home
Broken heart
Of stone,
And birth day bare
Nowhere to go,
Nothing to wear,
No dress,
No flowing hair
To comb;
A broken heart
Vanessa stayed at home.
(inspired by the sculpture by Richard Cowdy)
Alys Jun 2010
A throat,

A chain,

A scarf,
and light;

A hand,
Alys Jun 2010
Caterpillar green
Have you ever been
Inside a cocoon
Or will you soon?

Under milky moon
I’ll make my cocoon,
Only then I’ll sleep
A slumber deep;

When I’m set to fly
In the topaz sky,
With my velvet cape
I will escape;

But for now I’ll squirm
Lowly as a worm,
Hiding ‘neath this bush
From hungry thrush.
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