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Allison May Jul 2011
I put the prism on the table,
facing the bearing
of the sun.
A misty mirage appeared,
a wall of colors, the light
in a straight line.
The wall started to move
up and down
like color waves, crashing
on the beach.
And I stood there,
drowning in the
of the
color waves.
Allison May Jul 2011
1,2 buckle my shoe.
Why do I have to buckle it?
It's your shoe.

3,4 shut the door.
You shut the door.
You opened it.

5,6 pick up sticks.
You pick up sticks. Next thing
your going to be
telling me is to lay them

It's just a poem!

9,10 start again.
What?! I've been through all
that and you want me to start
all over again?!
Allison May Apr 2011
spring is here.
birds are tweeting in
cool dewdrop morning
their song like little bells
in the damp sunlight.

the bees buzz and fly for
their sweet morning breakfast
of fresh nectar

and the flowers are
growing every day
their petals smiling to the
thanking him for spring.
Allison May Oct 2010
Today its cold and dark.
Just how I feel.
I'm sick. thats why I feel cold and dark.
Allison May Sep 2010
School is dreadful.
Like a gobbling monster eating up my bedtime.
A world of dark and crisp.
Cold and cruel.
We are like slaves.
Oh, how long.
Hours drag along.
It seems it would never end.
From bus rides to daycare,
School is dreadful- until,
my mother picks me up- as  I snuggle against her,
and school is not dreadful anymore.
Sometimes school is not dreadful!
Allison May Aug 2010
I wiggle my toes and tell them I love them.
Five little soldiers, all in a line
That is, on Monday.
On Tuesday they're all little piggies going to the market;
and we all ate roast beef for dinner.
(but one little piggy had none).

On Wednesday, they are all toes again.
Hope you like it!
Allison May Aug 2010
This really sounds kinda weird,
but its true.
Our dragons are kind and
only breathe out
mist or water when
they guard our lakes, ponds, mountains
- and maybe oceans.
They are our friends when it comes to
guarding, and a symbol of power, strength, and
good luck.
I like Chinese dragons. Sometimes I draw them. I hope you enjoyed it!
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