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Allison May Oct 2012
W     olves are amazing!

O      nly at night!

L       lovable-sometimes

V       vicious

E        eager for the hunt

S        ly, tricky
Allison May Oct 2012
running, howling
furry, fast, loud
barking, growling
Allison May Mar 2012
They're soothing-but mournful song dedicated to the moon
surrounds me with loving beauty of song. Their way of communicating,
it soars high above the winking stars soaring toward the receiver.
The howl fills the world with it's unique cry, but dawn
arrives to quickly and so, the songs will have to hide-
'till tomorrow.
Allison May Mar 2012
As I stare into her face, I realize things could have I
never realize before-

1. Beauty- As if she possesed the power of
the moon itself.

2. Wise- As if the spirit of the wise owl had
blossomed into her heart.

3. Defense- As if she had the power of the
fierce bear, protecting us from the predators
as if we were her babies.

Anyway I think of her, she is still my wonderful
teacher, and I thank for what she has helped
(not just me but also my classmates) learn.
Allison May Nov 2011
You've reached the limit,
high above the skies,
Night surging around you,
trapping with blankets of surprise.

You've reached the limit,
high above the skies,
stars dancing silently around you,
creating winking images before your eyes.

You've reached the limit,
high above the skies,
the Moon smiling up at you,
or a glistening opal lighting up the sky.

You've reached the limit,
high above the skies,
soft grass cushioning you,
as you fall in surprise.

You had reached the limit,
high above the skies,
Wolves howling mournfully,
surrounding you with their song.

You were so close, you had reached the limits,
so high above the skies, so let us try again, shall we?
Allison May Nov 2011
Time flies-like wind flying past, blowing
your hair back, like colored streamers waving like the sea.
Or time could fly by seconds, flies
darting here and there
like arrows, circling your
head and your food like an angel's halo.
Or maybe, when lightning strikes
electricity swirling, following it
then an unexpected drum beat
that knocks the wind out of me
Time Flies.
Allison May Jul 2011
i was walking
on the beach

and suddenly

there was a
at my feet.
i looked

and saw
the wind pulling
the sand
"hurry" said the
in a sort of
wooshing voice.
the sand
went as fast
as it
could go,
my helpless feet.

sand comets
i told myself.

it felt like
i was on
a different planet
mars maybe?

even the tidal pools
dried up
of the
stinging sand.
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