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Alexis Mar 2012
sometimes i feel disconnected
not quite rejected, but separate in my own way
i think about my young age, my crazy ways ive been trying to cast away
seeking, searching, maybe pray, that I can smell each every day
through a clean nose and clear head
I must remain this well-read,
I'm well-bread so it shouldnt be that hard
except when im handed some pinot noir
but its mere romanticism
the real poetic schism in my psyche is just like me,
its so beautiful but frightening like heat lightening in georgia,
and tightening our borders,
man why do we try so hard to keep the world in order?
i guess we must, we gotta trust, or we'll just bust
as a people, a race, a face, a breed
we all gotta look out for each other's  common needs,
but then there's that thing greed, its green and spreading everywhere
man I hope that disease never touches my air,
I think im good cause my airs pretty clean,
and im seeing pretty things, life is pretty pristine.
i know it could get better and one day it sure will
but now im happy breathing in this air, its so real!
this wheel, this round thing we are spinning so close to,
this circle might get smaller til u realize its' choked you,
but the day will come when you realize you've broke through
every chain, every thing, that's made you feel insane
its all part of a game, but you can win it
i love this world and I'm so ******* happy to be in it.
Alexis Dec 2011
Click Click Bang!
Now who's dead?
A shot in the arm
is like a shot in the head
If you're not moving forward
you'll only fall down
My life is in colors now
yours is still black and brown

I know you can feel it
I know you're aware
That although you're still breathing
you're hardly even there
What do you expect?
Consider your future
At the rate you're going
you will always be a moocher
a ***** parasite, just feeding off others
your own selfish motives
end up harming your brothers
And eventually, you'll see
everyone's moved along
orchestrating symphonies
while you still sing your sad song

So wake up! see the beauty
that moves all around you
And excavate those demons
that have vowed to surround you
I've watched you fall prey
to their vicious, scathing hunger
It's time to grow up
you're not getting any younger
There are passions of yours, waiting
must I really remind you?
You're tethered so tightly to the chemicals that bind you
All those ***** needles you ***** at your skin
they wear you rail thin
as you Sickly Sin

Let your life begin
and wet your fins
Jump into the stream
and soak it all in
Let me see that grin
I know it's there
Just take a deep breath
and taste the fresh air!
Alexis Dec 2011
Dreaming of Mountains
Words flowing from the fountain
of my mouth, but ignited in my Brain
and it all catches flame
suddenly I'm insane with thoughts that I can't keep
my memory's not that deep
I need to save them, nourish them
I write them down and flourish them
this whorish pen, that always puts out
loosens my fears and all my doubts
I've gone without, in order to Go
the key to life is Living to Know
But I can't know it all
That's why I roll the ball
of curiosity, into everything I see
and I wonder
I wonder so much about so little
but the little things matter
there's no cat without the fiddle
theres no cake without the middle
the filling is what tastes good
I've done some bad things
but I mix them up and make good
with myself and this Universe
a potpourri of stars
mixed with soil and fabric and electric-slide guitars
I know who I are, and I know that's bad grammar
but I take pen to paper
and go harder than a hammer
I don't stammer, I don't stutter
my mind is in the gutter
but I speak like a queen with a Dream
and I'm only nineteen
I've seen some things but freedom rings
and the bell is on Earth
so forget about Hell
cause heaven is tangible
if my life is merely manageable
and I can do it with strength
and my dreams at arms length
they inch closer to my fingers
as the breath of beauty lingers
I grasp it, I gasp, spit
****! make this feeling last!
The past, it's over
I take this bulldozer
to my attitude and solitude
with gratitude
it's Solid, dude.
Alexis May 2011
I've never been at a loss for words
but sometimes I'm quiet
some people talk too much
I just can't afford to buy it
words are just words
if you don't know how to say them
you might be seeing raindrops
but the weatherman just sprays them
to trick us into thinking
that our world is actually blue
and we follow the footsteps
of all these empty shoes
if you're looking for the truth
then you'd follow bare feet
mostly in the woods
sometimes in the street
they don't leave a mark
on everyone they meet
but if you follow the smell
well, the taste is pretty sweet
Alexis May 2011
It’s really a nuisance
to be misunderstood
everyone has their own
definition of good
whats wrong and what’s right
what really has meaning
maybe being normal
might actually feel freeing
cause even if you’re dumb
people call you by name
they dont have misconceptions
you’re thought of all the same
but that’s truly an insult
to my ever-whirling brain
I guess everyone
will see me in their own frame
and I clearly don’t mind
because I’d rather be me
than an obvious slave
to mediocrity
so you can call me crazy
or you can call me for a chat
and I promise I will prove
I am so much more than that
Alexis Mar 2011
raindrops have it so easy
their only job
their sole mission
is to crash
plummet into the ground
nowhere in particular
never have to rise again
never have to apologize
never look around and realize they are nothing but a puddle
Alexis Mar 2011
I'm choking on cotton
please get me some water!
I know what they're thinking
"we've finally got her!"
Don't feed me stupidity
I am not your goat
Stop forcing your fluff
down my ******* throat
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