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Alexandra rose Feb 2014
my brain screams your name every second of the day so I try sleeping a lot to block the thoughts but you're in my dreams, I can't believe I'm saying this but please leave.
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
you are worthy no matter what anyone says
be strong God is with us all
YOU changed my life
I will Forever be grateful
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
I want to ride my bike there but I don't have one
and it's too cold to walk to the bridge
i would wait until spring but that's too far away
   what if no one shows up,what if no one cares
what if they're only shocked or say it's what they expected
what if someone thinks it's their fault?But it's no ones,not even yours. in a sense,it's the memories I suppose. I try to suppress  them but I can't and I'm awfully sorry,I really am.
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
it's the wrong time to be thinking of you
it's never the right time to be thinking of you,but I always find myself wondering if you're alright cause you never really know someone
you never know whats been on their mind
no matter how perfect their life seems
you live in an upper class neighborhood and I heard your parents always yell at you and man you've got friends but you don't have the girl you want.
we're kind of the same like that but I don't know how you feel
I always find myself thinking of you
at the wrong times,there's never a right time to be thinking of you.
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
I'll play your music all day and I'll watch your documentaries. I'll do anything I can to pretend it's ok.
you're always in the spotlight and sometimes it's not pretty, you smile in your mugshot but you're not really happy
you've had it rough these past years but you've always got your beliebers
we don't want to see you go down the wrong ally.
it will all be alright In the end,just Believe(that's what you taught me)
it's the best we can do,we love you
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
I don't remember exactly what you look like or what your voice sounds like,and whether you're still nice I don't know- have you been drinking a lot? I hope not. I miss you a lot, I think about you a lot. I hope you're okay,everybody's got secrets, I wonder how deep yours are.
Alexandra rose Jan 2014
September 7th,2010 you don't remember but it's when you first saw me and you would look at me all the time and I would always wonder why
well **** it's January 1st 2014 and I've been writing some songs and stories and poems about you, I hope you don't mind
I asked you out a few years ago and you said no and then we talked after that but you don't remember that probably, well you said we could be friends and then you ******* blocked me
but a few months after that you liked my selfie and it made me feel pretty but then I deleted it for some unknown reason and it doesn't mean anything but I thought I should remind you
anyway back it up to 7th grade I really messed this whole thing up for us , I'm sorry. really thought we had something. thought the universe or god was trying to tell me something but I was making it up in my head
3 1/2 years strong, **** why is it always 3? crushes are supposed to
be gone in weeks, am I wrong?  
3 1/2 years later - have you forgotten me?
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