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Truly all I wish, is to lead a simple life.
A quaint home in a quite place.
I want to love and have a caring wife.
I really do have a simple taste.

I would like to be a psychologist,
with a decent wage.
Maybe so kids with all of this.
I know it's strange for one my age.

This would make me happy as can be.
My wife and me in our rocking chairs.
Look on the horizon, but us together is all we see.
Until gray is the color of all our hairs
He bottled up his emotions, and fermented his own bitter wine.
I watched him deteriorate as he drank each one, but said he was fine.
Many years later he became a sad inferior shell of a man from this drink.
He decided this was all he could take and emptied his blood in the sink.
He should have listened to all the people who loved and supported him,
but with each sip he became more intoxicated and delusional with his sin.
I remember a time when time was just a number,
where the only times where school and dinner.
When I didn't have to grow up to be what I want,
but I could act it out in a secret lair or a parking lot.
As you become old, they try to rid you of you imagination,
well I say nay as I fly my submarine in a train station.
You know what take my wallet, live my life,
because I am a ninja hiding in the night.
Go ahead, try and catch me if you can,
Big old stupid corporate man.
You might be sophisticated and civilized,
so what, I am a 50 foot spider that can freakin' fly!
I lay out in the grass and talk to the earth.
The pine scent of your breath, in the breeze.
I hear the creatures of your forest chirp.
The salty taste of the open seas.

I feel the rain falling on my skin.
Like mine, your growth is never done.
My thoughts are blown away, with the wind.
I wither away happily, in the sun
There was once a man whom I was suppose to look up too.

He failed my whole family, this man I call dad.

When I tell you I love you it is just a formality, I don't like to be rude.

You always say how proud you are for me joining the air force.

I suppose I do owe you and all my mothers lousy suitors the credit.

Once I realized you were **** I decided to never be like you,

it gave me the motivation to push myself to always be a better man.

So from the bottom of my heart I thank you for never being there!
I lay my head on your chest, there is only silence, empty of breath.
I ask if you would like some more tea and you couldn't help to agree.
I can't remember is it sugar or honey you prefer lovely ol' death.
Of course I remember now, but is it two lumps or three.

We chat for a while, a conversation filled with nothing but joy.
Lets dance I say, I will even follow your lead.
A few numbers pass, you dance quite well for such a young boy.
Whats that, it is finally time to sign my deed.

Oh of course how could I forget, time just slipped away.
I was having such a good time but now we must part.
We ride off into the eternal dark where the sun never stays.
Do not cry for I am much happier and alas at peace is my heart.
As I look out my window and stare at this tree, it has
grown up strong and tall, it is kind to the world, it gives animals a home
and the wind a fresh scent, it protects me from the rain and carries the
burden of the snow. This tree, O how it has grown, I look up to it, but
it doesn't look down upon me. When i grow up I want to be just like this tree.
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