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Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
I arrived late, no
not because of work
but others' company.
worry not they're friends.

Your voice didn't
crackle much for I heard
clearly every details
which I wish I did not.

Good connections perhaps
for you're there and I'm here
You're west and I'm east.
that even your breathing I felt.

NO, my voice is not tired
for I just sat the whole day.
Those were sigh of frustrations;
hum of lonesomeness - of cravings.

For the miles that separates.
For the time that was snatched.
For the stories that were untold.
For hugs and kisses that were missed.

For you're there and I'm here.
And that reality slaps me, hard.
That only the single gadget felt it,
I miss you and I'm upset.
#ofw #mama
Aj Cuntapay Oct 2015
hindi naman tayo ung palos;
kundi pangyayaring pilit ginagapos -
nagbabakasakaling may malimos
bagamat sa hininga'y kapos.

hindi ukol sa lamig ng haplos,
o matang walang rindi sa pagbuhos.
wag mangamba't mukha'y di busabos
tanong lang, bakit sobra'y di lubos?

Pinagmasdan ko ang iyong kilos,
Saan nga ba tumungo't may galos?
Sagot mo sa aking naghihikahos,
Gising sinta, ako'y tangay na ng agos.
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Ahhh I hate it
No, not the way
I've fed you silence

You ate it.
But did not swallow-
Did not nourish.

I hate it.
I gave you words
To eat and sustain.

But they too slip.
Easily and inevitably.
Now, I'm misunderstood.
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Tonight I am washing away my frustrations;
Though it's hard as when cold touched the tip of my finger
for mornings should be start with such;
Soon I'll get used to it.

Tonight I am giving away my frustrations,
Though it's hard to control as when I had to pick up
the only *** chocolate just to silent my wailing stomach;
Soon it will be satisfied.

Tonight I am throwing away my frustrations;
Though it's hard to erase as when I forgot the formula
and allowed my pencil to shade whatever choice it desires.
Soon it will be answered.

Tonight I am freeing myself from frustrations;
Though it's imprisoned as when I carried extra baggage
for fear of missing a soul during expedition;
Soon it will be figured.

Tonight I am shutting my frustrations;
Though it's unnecessary as when you analyzed how
the earth both rotates and revolves, you seemed lost in your place.
Soon you'll be identified."
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
Eyes closed.
Hands all over her body -
owning her.

'That! I will not tolerate.'
Staring at the scenario,
She'll surely not allow any man -

Not even her --- man?
But words simply slips,
through and against her.

Learning how to mold;
not only body but soul.
Trying to snare details -

of caress, touch, sensation.
Every hiss is inviting;
Every move is heaving.

Exploring for more -
Craving for more.
She allowed him, no.

She cooperated in him.
Gave him materials;
Gave him brushes and colors.

Gave him permission to paint
her, fully and boldly
But she's not an art.

She is a lost masterpiece.
Aj Cuntapay Sep 2015
w h              
o ?        
l        v  es

B R O K E         n
0      r        d    ­              
S ?                      

— The End —