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Ajay Dec 2022
Sweet ink,
lost you in doubt
Darkening corners
Scared and trapped
Find me
Please, find me
I need you to survive
My outlet, my energy
Just a small fuse
Waiting to be nurtured
I’ll bring you back to life
Ajay Oct 2014
Powdery flakes poisoned,
like orange juice on a sad day.
Stale snakes,
squeezing me: my throat.
Can’t breathe no more.
No alms, **** being poor.
Going 1-100 in less than 3 seconds,
rushes faster than sports cars.
Never ready for it,
but always ready for the next piece--
excitement and like little dolls
unable to express my emotions,
stoic…sick and stuck hazy phases
ready to re-phrase my life.
Time to get out of struggle-- done with strife
Knives felt too easy—I like--
challenges feel like sweet marmalades
Ajay Oct 2014
Tweet, tweet,
feeling feet,
pinky toes interlocked--
sheets like magic carpets--
an escape with wings.
Air lifting up
from lungs,
unable to breathe,
greed, taking my last breath
just to feed--to eat--to need.
Pouring liquid fantasies,
like fingerprint dandelions,
ready to bloom ,
until erupting from cocoons,
padlocking us in cages,
draining our veins,
feeling our shame.
I forgot to heat your porridge
for long enough.
Ajay Oct 2014
Drink the gasoline.
Gag. Rub rest over body.
Step three: light the match.
Ajay Oct 2014
Residual visuals
write again
lick the pen
forming words
venom skin
haunting chimes like holy bells
docking in the waters
flooded rhythms ribbed with sin
lavish favorites framed thin canals
rapture by the dragon's dust
feeding on the angel's wings
sleeping to sounds the zombie sings
Ajay Sep 2014
Crayola, brick red,
tearing open a new pack--
our favorite color.

Rebels, scraping, up,
indifferent to lines, down--
our favorite color.

Paper became ill fit
bodies became canvases--
our favorite color.

Our bodies, our tools,
crayons never left our side--
our favorite color.

She built a train track.
It only took seven years--
my favorite color.

"Follow the straight line"
Giving up on her sweet dream--
her favorite color.

I looked down at her
letting the brick red stick drop--
my favorite color.

It's in the casket,
but brick red forever is
our favorite color.
Ajay Sep 2014
Poison-filled pupils,
plagued from plucking eyelashes--
I want one more wish.
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